Please review the correct settings below and ensure your settings comply with these, because if there are any unwanted fees incurred due to incorrect settings, credits may not be granted.

In order to minimise printing failures, which can result in unwanted search charges, it is important to have the correct Uniprint settings on your computer. Below are the correct settings for Uniprint 5 and Uniprint 4, both of which are currently supported by LINZ.

If you do experience printing issues, or would like assistance with confirming your Uniprint settings please call our Technical Support team on 0800 665 463.

How to access the Uniprint settings

Double click on the Uniprint icon in your system tray (you may need to be logged in to Landonline for this to be available):

Uniprint icon

Uniprint 5

Uniprint client options

Uniprint 4

Uniprint client settings