Assigning addresses to newly subdivided parcels is an important part of the subdivision process. Surveyors need to be aware that in many cases roads formed over private land need to be named early on in the subdivision process.

The Rural and Urban Addressing Standard (AS/NZS4819:2011), that came into effect in 2011, is used by Territorial Authorities (TAs) when allocating addresses and naming roads. LINZ is responsible for ensuring TAs follow this standard to ensure that the properties can be easily identified and located.

As well as the requirement for naming public roads, the standard requires that some private roads also need to be named. This affects the numbering of the properties that use these roads.  A private road, private way, right of way, or access lot needs to be named if six or more addressable sites are accessed off it - or are likely to be accessed off it in the future.

Surveyors can assist by identifying such roads and confirm any naming requirements with the TA during the resource consent process. By highlighting these early in the subdivision process surveyors and TAs will have plenty time to follow the council road naming process.