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Licence types

e-searchThis is the most commonly used service, particularly for search agents and conveyancing professionals. It provides access to the titles register, survey data in image format and supporting documents. It does not include access to spatial data.
e-search plusThis service provides all of the functions of e-search and, in addition, enables users to conduct and view spatial searches of land information. This enhanced service is designed for use by surveyors, search agents, real estate agents and valuers.
e-dealingThis service allows conveyancing professionals to register title instruments and changes to titles electronically. The e-dealing licence also includes all the features of e-search.
e-dealing plusThis licence adds the spatial search capability of e-search plus to the e-dealing licence.
e-surveyThis is the electronic submission service designed to allow surveyors to submit cadastral surveys electronically. Included in e-survey are all the features of e-search plus. All survey firms now lodge survey plans using Landonline e-survey.
TA e-certificationThis service enables territorial authorities to certify cadastral surveys online.  Territorial authorities can choose to certify survey plans either on paper or electronically using TA e-certification. TA e-certification includes all the features of e-search plus.

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