Use these instructions if you want to manually download a Digital Certificate (DC).

Before you begin

Before you begin, we recommend you:

  • Install your DC during supported hours so our Customer Support staff can provide immediate assistance or guidance if you have any problems
  • Close all other files and applications on your computer
  • Hold all telephone calls until you have finished
  • Print the instructions before starting.

Before you begin downloading your DC, please ensure you have the following items available:

  • Your DC Authorisation Code
  • Your DC Reference Number, emailed to your Landonline account’s Trusted Contact
  • If the Trusted Contact for the account is not available, or you are the Trusted Contact, please contact Customer Support on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) - select option 4 - for your reference code.
  • Your Landonline User ID

Download instructions

Stage 1: Creating a new folder on your C: drive (local drive) (PDF 208KB)

Next steps

Continue to Stage 2: Downloading your Digital Certificate

Last Updated: 5 October 2020