Use these instructions if you want to manually renew your existing Digital Certificate (DC).

Before you begin

Before you begin, we recommend you:

  • Transfer your DC during supported hours so our Customer Support staff can provide immediate assistance or guidance if you have any problems
  • Close all other files and applications on your computer
  • Hold all telephone calls until you have finished
  • Print the instructions before starting.

Stage 1: Delete your existing DC

How to delete your old DC from your computer
PurposeRemove your old DC from your computer
AlertOnce your Digital Certificate is deleted from your computer, you will no longer be able to access Landonline
  • Open up a session of Internet Explorer
  • Select Tools icon
  • Select Internet Options
  • Select Contents tab
  • Click Certificates
  • Select your Digital Certificate
  • Click Remove
  • Click Yes
  • Click Close

You have successfully removed your DC from your web browser

Now you need to delete the DC from your LINZ Certificates folder on your computer's C: drive (local drive)

  • Right click Start button / Windows icon
  • Select Explore
  • Select your LINZ Certificates folder
  • Right click the Landonline Digital Certificate file

If no digital certificate file is present, it most likely means that you have already deleted it as part of the correct DC Transfer process. If this is the case, you can skip steps 8-10

  • Select Delete
  • Click Yes

You have successfully removed your existing DC from your LINZ Certificates folder

It now needs to be deleted from the Recycle Bin

  • Open your Recycle Bin (usually, this can be found on your destkop)
  • Right click the Digital Certificate file that you sent to the recycle bin in steps 8 and 9
  • Select Delete, similar to how you did in step 8

You have now completed the deletion of your existing DC

Now you need to download your new DC into the web browser

Proceed to Stage 2: Downloadyour new DC into the Web Browser on your PC

Last Updated: 25 June 2020