Transferring your Digital Certificate - Stage 1

If you are transferring your Digital Certificate (DC) from one computer to another, you need to follow the three stages of instructions in the order provided.

Before you begin

Before you begin, we recommend you:

  • Know your passphrase
  • Transfer your DC during supported hours so our Customer Support staff can provide immediate assistance or guidance if you have any problems
  • Close all other files and applications on your computer
  • Hold all telephone calls until you have finished
  • Print the instructions before starting.

Stage 1: Transferring your DC to a portable storage device

How to transfer your DC to a portable storage device
PurposeMove your DC to a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive so that you can transfer your DC to another computer
AlertThe Landonline Digital Certificate User Obligations state that your DC must not be archived in any location.

You may only use a portable storage device to transfer, not back up, your DC.
  • Right click Start
  • Left click Explore
DC Transfer - Stage 1.1
  • Highlight the LINZ Certificates folder
DC Transfer - Stage 1.2
  • Left click once on your username to highlight your Digital Certificate
  • Right click
  • Select Cut (NOT Copy)
DC Transfer - Stage 1.3
  • Insert a portable storage device into your computer's data storage device drive
  • Highlight the portable storage device
  • Right click
  • Select Paste
NoteYour DC is now located on the portable storage device
  • Remove the portable storage device from your computer
DC Transfer - Stage 1.5
  • You have now completed stage 1 by transferring your DC onto the portable storage device
  • You now need to load your DC onto your new computer

Proceed to Stage 2: Loading your DC onto another computer

Last Updated: 15 September 2015