Transferring your Digital Certificate - Stage 2

If you are transferring your Digital Certificate (DC) from one computer to another, you need to follow the three stages of instructions in the order provided.

You need to have completed Stage 1: Transferring your DC onto a portable storage device before proceeding with Stage 2.

We recommend you print these instructions before starting.

Stage 2: Loading your DC onto another computer

 How to load your transferred DC

Load a DC that is being transferred from another computer onto a new computer.


If your new computer does not have a portable storage device drive to take a Flash device, please contact the Customer Support team on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) and select option 4 for assistance.


  • On the new computer, right-click Start (a pop-up list will appear)
  • Left click on Explore
DC Transfer - Stage 2.1
  • Highlight C: drive (Local Disk C: or Local Drive). Please note that the exact name may differ on your computer
DC Transfer - Stage 2.2
  • Select File
  • Select New
  • Select Folder
DC Transfer - Stage 2.3
  • Type LINZ Certificates
  • Press Enter
DC Transfer - Stage 2.4
NoteYou have now created your new LINZ Certificates folder
  • Place the portable storage device in the new computer
  • Highlight the portable storage device drive
  • Right click on your Landonline Digital Certificate
  • Select Cut
DC Transfer - Stage 2.5
  • Highlight your LINZ Certificates folder
  • Right click
  • Select Paste
DC Transfer - Stage 2.6
NoteYour DC is now located in the folder you created on the new computer's C: drive (local drive)
  • Double-click on the Digital Certificate located in your C: drive (local drive)
  • This will open up a Certificate Import Wizard box
DC Transfer - Stage 2.7
  • Click Next
DC Transfer - Stage 2.8
  • Click Next
DC Transfer - Stage 2.9
  • Enter in your unique DC passphrase
    Please note: your DC passphrase has eight characters with at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one numeric character

    Note: The import wizard refers to this as a password
  • Click Next
  • Select Mark the private key as exportable
  • Click Next
Screenshot of Certificate Import Wizard with password field highlighted

Note: Vista or Windows 7 users will see a screen with 3 checkboxes

Screenshot of Certificate Import Wizard in Vista or Windows 7, with password field highlighted
  • The password required is the DC passphrase you created when you downloaded your DC originally

If the passphrase you have entered is not accepted please contact Customer Support team 0800 665 463 option 4 for assistance.

  • Select Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate is checked
  • Click Next
DC Transfer - Stage 2.12
  • If the correct item is not selected, your DC will not work
  • Please reconfirm that it is selected before proceeding
  • Click Finish
DC Transfer - Stage 2.13
  • Click OK
DC Transfer - Stage 2.14
  • Click OK
DC Transfer - Stage 2.15
  • You have now completed stage 2 by successfully loading your DC onto your new computer
  • You now need to delete your DC from your old computer
  • Please note: Your original Landonline User ID and Landonline User password will still be valid for logging on to Landonline. As an additional security precaution, we recommend that you check you have deleted the DC file from the portable storage device you used.

Proceed to Stage 3: Deleting your DC from your old computer

Last Updated: 15 September 2015