Note: this guideline is issued by the Surveyor-General under section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 about the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 and is not legally binding.

The following information relates to a CSD prepared to record only survey information, such as the placement of a non-boundary mark or new or adopted survey measurements.

A CSD that records survey information only:

  • does not create a new parcel and therefore a Title Plan is not required [r 8.1(b)] (refer to Title Plan not required where no new parcel).
  • does not place any boundary marks and therefore witness marks and PRMs are not required [r 7.3.1 and r 7.4.1]
  • the non-boundary marks must meet the relevant accuracy standards specified in rule 3.1.
Last Updated: 7 April 2017
Authority: Surveyor-General - Section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002
LINZ OP G : 00073