Note: this guideline is issued by the Surveyor-General under section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 about the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 and is not legally binding.

The following information relates to depicting parcels in a Diagram of Survey or Diagram of Parcels, including the types of parcels that must be depicted.

The cadastre and land title records must record unambiguously the extent of each portion of land (ie the parcel) that relates to a particular interest.

Extent of parcel in CSD diagrams

A Diagram of Survey focuses on the relationship between boundaries.  It must depict the extent of all parcels [r 9.6.3(a)] and the relationships between parcels, boundaries, and boundary points [r 9.6.3(f)].  The full extent of an individual parcel is not required to be shown in its entirety.

A Diagram of Parcels focuses on the relationship between parcels.  It must depict the full extent of each parcel drawn to scale (ie drawn in proportion) in a single diagram [r 10.4.2(d)].  Multiple parcels may be shown in this single diagram.  Diagrams, not necessarily to scale, may be used to depict detail. 

Additional diagrams may be necessary to ensure the relationships between parcels and the extent of each parcel is clear and unambiguous [r 9.6.15(a) and r 10.4.10(a)].

Parcel types required on a Diagram of Survey

A Diagram of Survey must depict the extent of all parcels, including all residue parcels, but need not include any balance parcel or balance non-primary parcel [r 9.6.3(a)].  The diagram will therefore include:

  • new primary parcels created as a result of extinguishing an existing primary parcel (refer to Accounting for parcels),
  • new residue primary parcels, such as erosion parcels and parcels resulting from the removal of limitations as to parcels,
  • existing non-primary parcels to be retained, and
  • new non-primary parcels.

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Last Updated: 7 April 2017
Authority: Surveyor-General - Section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002
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