This page hosts instructions for attaching images and other image-related information.

How many images can I attach to my e-dealing instrument?

You can attach up to three images to your e-dealing instrument as long as they are in the correct file format.

How do I know that my image is attached?

Once you have attached your image a paperclip icon will appear next to the Add Image button.

You can also check that your image has been attached by clicking on the Preview button, this will display the entire e-dealing instrument including the attached image.

In the Prepare Dealing screen there is a column labelled Attached, this will display YES if there is an image attached to the instrument.

How do I amend the attached image?

  1. Amend the original document and convert to the correct file format
  2. Click Add Image button
  3. Highlight the image you wish to amend
  4. Click Replace Image button
  5. Find image in your computer directory, select and attach

How do I browse my network drives to attach an image or document?

When you are in the Landonline application and want to attach an image or file to an e-dealing or a supporting document to an e-survey, the following steps outline the process to access your network drives.

  1. When the "Select File" dialog box opens to attach an image, enter "\\client\" into the File Name field (as shown below) and press Enter.Select file window from Attach Image screen
  2. Your network drives will now display and can be accessed. Select the drive where your document(s) is stored.
    Select file window from Attach Image screen showing network drives

    Note: If an error stating "\\client\clientdriveletter is not accessible" pops up (see screenshot below), follow these steps to resolve it.
    Select file window from Attach Image screen showing error message

    (a) Right click on the Citrix Connection Centre icon in the system tray (shown circled in red below).
    Citrix icon in the system tray

    (b) Select "Open Connection Center".
    Selecting Open Connection Center from the Citrix icon in the system tray

    (c) Check that the Session Security Files dropdown is set to Full Access
    Full Access option in Citrix Connection Centre
  3. (e) Click close.
    (f) Client drives should now be accessible.
Last Updated: 20 November 2015