How to download and install Citrix Workspace for Windows when you're setting up Landonline.

Citrix Receiver has been replaced by Citrix Workspace. We recommend Citrix long term service release or the latest Citrix workspace. If your system is incompatible with Citrix Workspace we suggest using Citrix receiver 4.9. 

Check the Landonline software requirements

Before you begin

  1. Ensure your IT provider is available to assist you with this process as this installation requires the User Account Control to be disabled, and Administrator rights.

Download instructions

Download the Citrix Receiver for Windows - instructions (PDF 300KB)

Note: Instructions are for Windows 10 - screenshots may differ for other versions of Windows, but the process will be similar.

We recommend Citrix Long Term Service Release LTSR 1912:
Download Citrix LTSR (link is external)

Alternatively, download the latest Citrix Workspace:
Download Citrix Workspace (link is external)

For users on older systems incompatible with Citrix Workspace we suggest Citrix Receiver 4.9 LTSR:
Download Citrix Receiver 4.9 LTSR (link is external)

Next steps

Continue to Step 2: UniPrint Client - download and installation instructions

Last Updated: 7 September 2020