Digisign2 download and installation instructions (for signing customers only)

This page contains the instructions for signing customers to download and install Digisign2 software.

Before starting:

  1. Ensure your IT provider is available to assist you with this process as this installation requires the User Account Control to be disabled, and Administrator rights.
  2. Print these instructions.
  3. Ensure you have installed Citrix Receiver, UniPrint Client and Landonline client components first.

Note: Appearance of screenshots may differ due to display settings.

Installation procedure

This page outlines the procedure for installing Digisign2. It only applies to those customers who have signing rights.

If you have any queries, or if your IT support staff or service provider requires detailed technical information about the installation, please contact Customer Support on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) and select option 4.

 How to download and install Digisign2 software
PurposeRequired download for conveyancers, surveyors, and territorial authority certification staff for digital signing in Landonline
AlertDigisign2 need only be installed for customers with Landonline signing rights. If you do not have signing rights, you do not need to install Digisign2.
1Administrator Rights allow you to change your computer's configuration. If you do not have Administrator Rights, please contact your IT support staff or service provider
  • A File Download screen will appear
  • Choose Save this program to disk
  • Click OK
  • Choose an appropriate location to save the file to. (Take note of the location and filename)

We recommend using the "Save to disk" option as it means that you will not need to download the installation file a second time if you need to reinstall this software on your computer or another computer in the organisation.

3Once the file has downloaded, open it from the location that you saved it to.

You must be logged in with Administrator rights for this installation

Image of security warning screen
  • If prompted with the Security Warning screen, click Run to install Digisign 2
The Wise Installation Wizard will start
  • The Wise Installation Wizard will start
  • The installation of the software will begin
Click Finish to complete the installation
  • Wait for the following dialog and click Finish to complete the installation
  • The box above will disappear
  • If you have signing rights within Landonline, you will now have the ability to sign from this computer

If you have followed the steps above and received no additional messages, Digisign2 installation will be complete.

Continue to Step 5: Landonline Print-to-TIFF Driver download and installation

Last Updated: 9 March 2020