Download and install the print-to-TIFF driver if you will need to upload images to Landonline as part of your role. The driver will create TIFF images so that you don’t need to print and scan documents before uploading them.

Before starting:

  1. Ensure your IT provider is available to assist you with this process as this installation requires the User Account Control to be disabled, and Administrator rights.
  2. Print these instructions.
  3. Ensure you have installed Citrix Receiver, UniPrint Client, Landonline client components, and Digisign2 (if required), first.

Note: Appearance of screenshots may differ due to display settings.

PurposeInstall the Landonline Print-to-TIFF driver that allows documents and images to be converted to a Landonline-compatible format.

For XP and 32 bit: Download the Landonline Print-to-TIFF drive x86 (version 3.03) (EXE 2.0MB)

For 64 bit: Download the Landonline Print-to-TIFF drive x64 (version 3.03) (EXE 2.8MB)

Reinstalling the print driver? Make sure you uninstall the old driver and restart your computer before installing the new version.

  • A File Download screen will appear
  • Choose Save this program to disk
  • Click OK
  • Choose an appropriate location to save the file to. (Take note of the location and filename)
NoteWe recommend using the "Save to disk" option as it means that you will not need to download the installation file a second time if you need to reinstall this software on your computer or another computer in the organisation.
  • Once the file has downloaded, open it from the location that you saved it to and double click on "Setup_x86_LandOnlinePrintToTiff_v3.03.exe" for 32 bit systems or "Setup_x64_LandOnlinePrintToTiff_v3.03.exe" for 64 bit systems.
NoteYou must be logged in with Administrator rights for this installation.
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 1
  • When prompted with the Security Warning screen, click Run to install
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 2
  • Click Next.
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 3
  • Tick "I accept the terms in the Licence Agreement" and click Next.
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 4
  • Click Next
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 5
  • Click Install.
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 6
  • Wait.
Print-to-TIFF Drive Installation example 7
  • When complete, click Finish.
  • You may also be prompted to restart your PC.
12To create TIFF images that are compatible with Landonline, use the print-to-TIFF driver as though it is a printer:
  • Click Print
  • Select 'Landonline Printer Driver' as your printer and Click OK
  • Choose a location to save the file to
  • Click Save

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Last Updated: 27 February 2018