Understanding the term ‘disturbed’ in greater Christchurch - Rule 20.1

Note: this guideline is issued by the Surveyor-General under section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 about the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 and is not legally binding.

For greater Christchurch, a disturbed survey mark excludes any change in position caused by earthquake movement.

For a survey mark to be called disturbed, it will need to be disturbed for reasons other than earthquake movement.

The term ‘disturbed’ is defined in Rule 20.1 but is different to that in Rule 2.  The definition in Rule 20.1 applies to all cadastral surveys in greater Christchurch whereas surveys in all other areas of the country must apply the definition in Rule 2.

Last Updated: 1 March 2017
Authority: Surveyor-General - Section 7(1)(ga) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002
LINZ OP G : 00006