A Survey Office (SO) boundary marking CSD may be used to record the redefinition of an affected boundary in greater Christchurch.

Rule 20 was added to the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (the principal Rules) by the Cadastral Survey Amendment Rules 2017.  The amending rules (effective from 24 April 2017) support the Canterbury Property Boundaries and Related Matters Act 2016 (the Act) which came into force on 30 August 2016.

In greater Christchurch and similarly for all of the country, where the purpose of a cadastral survey is to redefine an existing ‘title’ boundary, a new primary parcel may be created to enable the update of the related title. However, this is not a legal requirement even in those cases where the redefinition determines that the boundary has a different extent and shape to that already recorded in the ‘title’ survey.

If a boundary mark is placed, rule 8.5 requires the lodgement of a CSD recording the mark placement. The survey may be recorded in a Survey office (SO) boundary marking CSD. For recording the redefinition of an affected boundary in greater Christchurch LINZ requires the SO CSD to have the survey purpose in Landonline of ‘Boundary Marking – Full CSD(conflict)’.

Last Updated: 3 March 2020
Authority: LINZ Chief Executive - Section 9 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002
LINZ OP G : 00002