On the main Landonline log in page, you will now notice a field that displays your user name. This is a previously hidden field that is auto-populated immediately after you are prompted for your Digital Certificate.

Normally you will be able to ignore this field and enter your password and click Log On as you have always done.

The requirement to manually enter a user name is usually caused by a Citrix time out or a browser refresh which has resulted in your browser forgetting the user name that it originally retrieved from your Digital Certificate.

Screenshot of Landonline log on screen

When this occurs, you will see text in the User name field indicating that it is expecting you to enter a user name. If you do not notice this and simply enter a password you will get the ‘Enter a user name’ message. To proceed, you will need to enter both your user name and your password.

Screenshot of log on field, with name missing as well as entered
If user name is missing (left) you will need to manually enter it (right)

If you are unsure what your Landonline user name is, you can note this when you are prompted to confirm your Digital Certificate.

DC prompt in Chrome (left), DC prompt in Internet Explorer (right)

It is also the default name of your Digital Certificate file, which can normally be found in the LINZ Certificates folder on your PC.

Screenshot of LINZ Certficates folder

Alternatively, you can obtain it by calling Customer Support on 0800 665 463.

Last Updated: 30 April 2018