Cadastral title plans show a property’s legal boundaries, area and dimensions.

There are three main types of cadastral survey plan:

  • deposited plans (DP)
  • survey office plans (SO)
  • Māori land plans (ML)

Cadastral title plans can date back to around 1850. Older plans may include names of European settlers, as well as Māori and early English placenames.

The plans show the ‘appellation’ (legal description) for a piece of land, depending on the land classification, eg something like ‘Section 1 Block VII Mata Survey District’ for Crown land; ‘Kaiti 313A6B2 for Māori land; or ‘Lot 1 DP 12345’ for general land.

The title sheet of a cadastral survey plan shows the plan deposited when the title was created. This could be a simple plan of the property’s boundaries, area and dimensions, a detailed survey plan or a combination of both.

Sample of a title sheet showing plan