Easy-to-follow steps to get your firm set up to do property transactions in Landonline.

Follow these steps if you are a new firm starting out with e-dealing. 

Go here to add a new user for your firm

Step 1: Sign up to Landonline

Follow the steps for Landonline sign-up, and send all completed documentation to us.

If you're using a search agent, link the users processing your work in the Search Agent firm to your application. Make sure they hold a Digital Certificate and have completed step 3 below.

Sign up to Landonline

Step 2: Think about how you'll store property transaction documents for audit purposes

It's important that you read about compliance review and evidentiary requirements.

Here's what you need to keep and for how long

Step 3: Download Landonline software and digital certificate

First you need to download the Landonline software that needs to run on your local PC/Laptop.

Once each user has received an email with codes, they can download digital certificates to their computer.

Read and understand your Landonline terms and conditions - Schedule 1 Digital Certificate user obligations

Follow the software and digital certificate steps in the sign-up process

Step 4: Provide training, user guides and resources

Learning about e-dealing is part of all property law qualifications in New Zealand.

Direct new users to our Land registration user guides and resources page the New Zealand Law Society has useful online resources:

New Zealand Law Society

If you're using a search agent, remember law firms need to certify and sign each instrument in the dealing as correct when they have seen the client and completed the Authority and Instruction form. Search agents can complete the administration duties of the process.

View user guides and resources for e-dealing

Last Updated: 1 November 2021