Land Transfer Act 2017 - consultation on secondary legislation

The Land Transfer Act 2017 (the Act) was passed on 10 July 2017. The Act will come into force later this year.

The Act preserves the Torrens land transfer system while modernising the law and producing efficiencies and ease of access to the law. Secondary legislation is required to support the Act.

An exposure draft of the regulations has been released on behalf of the Minister for Land Information, together with the draft standards, directives, deposit documents, and guidelines for consultation. This is an opportunity for interested parties to comment and make submissions on all aspects of the new secondary legislation.

Consultation guidance

There are a number of documents that make up this consultation package. We suggest you read the overview document before the draft detailed standards and directives, as this provides useful context and information on the suite of documents.

As there are a number of different aspects to this consultation, please make it clear which section of the regulation, standard or directive you are referring to in your comments.

Please email your feedback to by 5pm Friday 27 April 2018.

Consultation documents


  1. Identity Verification Standard 2018
  2. Certification of Electronic Instruments (Statutory Requirements and Retention of Evidence) Standard 2018
  3. Boundary Changes – Accretion and Dry Beds (Rivers and Streams) Standard 2018
  4. Withholding Information under the Land Transfer Act 2017 Standard 2018
  5. Recording Memorials on the Register Standard 2018
  6. Allocation of Certification Rights Standard 2018


  1. Requisition Periods Directive 2018


Last Updated: 5 March 2018