This page outlines the changes you need to know about when the Land Transfer Act 2017 (LTA) commences on 12 November 2018. The new Act makes some changes to property data published on the LINZ Data Service.

The new Land Transfer Act 2017 (LTA) has been modernised while retaining the fundamentals of the title registration system, and the State guarantee.

Some property data published on the LINZ Data Service will be affected by the new Act, as the source of this data (Landonline) is updated to reflect these changes.

When will the changes happen?

The LTA 2017 will come into effect on Monday 12 November 2018. Changes will be made to Landonline the weekend immediately prior.

Property data on the LINZ Data Service is updated from Landonline weekly. This means LINZ Data Service customers will notice the change to property data from 19 November 2018.

Overview of changes to the LDS

Only a very small subset of changes brought about by the new Act affect property data on the LINZ Data Service. Most of you will not be affected by these changes and will not need to do anything.

There are no schema changes.

The key changes that impact LDS are terminology related, in particular:

Old Term

New Term

Computer Register and Certificate of Title

Record of Title


Registered Proprietor

Registered Owner


Unit Title

See our Land Transfer Act 2017 page for information on all LTA 2017 changes.

Record of title views

On commencement of the Act, all former Certificates of Title or Computer Registers will be replaced by a single register for Record of Title. This change will predominantly affect the appearance of LINZ’s authoritative title products. However, if you use our data to create your own unofficial title products or views, you may need to alter your processes to reflect this change.

Screenshot of Computer Unit Title Register, highlighting the old name used in LTA 1952
Example of a legacy Certificate of Title
Screenshot of Record of Title, highlighting the name used in LTA 2017
Example of new Record of Title

To minimise disruption, data, table and field names will not be renamed to reflect the new terminology (except for one small change related to unit titles). However, LINZ will be using different fields than those currently used to drive the display of a Record of Title that describes the interests that affect an estate (freehold, cross lease, unit title etc) in a particular property.

Specifically, while LINZ will continue to maintain the title ‘register_type’ field within the effected titles datasets for our own purposes, the display of the classification of an authoritative Record of Title will now be driven from the title ‘type’ field.

As part of this change, the more meaningful term ‘Unit Title’ will replace ‘Unit’ in relevant titles datasets.

Changes to simple Property Ownership and Boundaries data

Some title related datasets from our Property Ownership and Boundaries category will be affected by the changes described above.


  • There are no schema changes – no columns have been added or removed
  • Table and field names have not been renamed

Unit Title changes

In each of the following three datasets the value ‘Unit’ in the ‘type’ column will be changed to ‘Unit Title’. This change will be applied to all relevant data on 19 November, affecting about 150,000 unit titles in each dataset and creating a larger than normal changeset:

The data dictionary for our simplified property boundary and ownership data will be updated to reflect these changes.

Changes to complex Full Landonline data

Some Full Landonline datasets will be affected by changes to Landonline to reflect the Act.


  • There are no schema changes – no columns have been added or removed
  • Table and field names have not been renamed
  • No retrospective changes will be made to data

Unit Title changes

In the Landonline: System Code table, the value used to describe a unit title will be updated from ‘Unit’ to ‘Unit Title’. If you have scripts that filter or process our data based on the description you will need to update them. The unit code itself will remain unchanged.












Unit Title

Other minor changes

A new record will be added to the Landonline: Statute table to include details for LTA 2017.

Minor changes will also be made to the metadata of datasets to reflect terminology changes. For example, in the description of the Landonline: Title Estate dataset, the reference to ‘proprietor’ will be changed to ‘registered owner’.

The data dictionary for the Full Landonline dataset will also be updated to reflect these changes.

Contact details

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Last Updated: 25 October 2018