Learn why pre-validating a dealing could save you valuable time, see some of the most common registration errors, and find out what a requisition or rejection means for you.

Pre-validation may help you avoid requisitioning or rejection of your dealing for a simple error.

You can pre-validate your instruments individually as you work through your dealing, but it's also a good idea to pre-validate your dealing as a whole, before you submit it to us. 

Some pre-validation errors will prevent you from submitting your dealing. Others won't stop you from submitting the dealing and are simply making sure you're aware of important factors, such as a new title not yet displaying as 'live'.

Find out more about pre-validation for instruments and dealings

See some of the most common errors in dealings

Step-by-step to pre-validate and edit an instrument in Landonline

What does my requisition or rejection mean?

The list of requisition and rejection reasons below explains how to correct errors in your dealing. It’s also useful to look at the list before you submit your dealing, to make sure you’ve met the requirements.  

See the full requisition and rejections list

Ask us about a requisition or rejection

If you’ve checked the list above and you’re still not sure what to do to fix your dealing for re-submission – or you disagree with the requisition or rejection – you can submit a request to clarify the decision or get us to review the dealing again.

You can also call us on 0800 665 463 to ask for more information. Make sure you have your dealing number with you. If the person processing your dealing is available, you’ll be put through to them – if not, we’ll ask you to submit a request through Landonline.

Submit a request to find out what your requisition means

Ready to submit a dealing?

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