Help for Digital Certificate (DC) holders to download a new DC or renew their current DC.

​Before you begin

  • Read the Landonline terms and conditions - Schedule 1 Digital Certificate user obligations.
  • Download your DC during the hours our customer support staff are on hand to help
  • Make sure you have your DC authorisation code, DC reference number and Landonline user ID. Your firm's nominated Trusted Contact should have received an email containing these. If not, please call us on 0800 665 463 and we can help.
  • Close all other files and applications on your computer
  • Hold all phone calls until you have finished
  • It is recommended that you refer to or print out any instructions before starting.

Download or renew your DC using the DC Loader Wizard

The DC Loader wizard is the easiest way to download a DC for the first time, or to complete your annual renewal process.

Your IT support person can help download your Digital Certificate, but you must enter your own Authorisation Code, Reference Code and Passphrase.

Follow these steps:

  1. If helpful to you, print out the DC Loader Wizard instructions attached at the end of this page
  2. Download DC Loader Wizard v3.0.0.14 (DLL 2MB) Version - updated 1 December 2014
  3. Follow the instructions to download or renew your DC.

What's new? The latest version of DC Loader offers increased browser compatibility.

Note: Ensure your Caps Lock button is off when entering your passphrase as this will cause errors when importing, exporting your DC, or signing.

Can't use the DC Loader wizard?

You may get an error about running the wrong version of DC loader. Follow the below instructions to change a setting and rerun:

Change setting and rerun DC loader wizard (PDF 265KB).

You can download or renew your DC online instead. It's a 37-step, 3 stage process that takes more time and administration access may be required.

To get started with a manual download or renewal, refer to the pages under 'Related content' below.

Tip: It's much easier and faster to use the DC Loader Wizard. We recommend manual downloads only where the wizard can't be used in your technical environment.

Digital Certificate Repair Utility for Signing / Submitting Customers

Some customers who submit plans or sign dealings in Landonline may need to repair their digital certificates if they encounter issues when signing.

These are customers who have had to export their digital certificate in a Windows 10 environment.

See full informationon Digital Certificate Repair Utility.

Last Updated: 23 April 2021