This page contains answers to common questions about using Landonline, including licences, fees, and digital certificates.




How do I go about buying a licence?

Licences are applied for and purchased online in the Sign-Up section as part of the Landonline sign-up process.

How many licences will I need?

You will need to consider a number of factors when deciding how many licences your firm will need as only one person can use a licence at any one time. You will need to buy more than one licence to have more than one person online at any given time. For this reason, LINZ recommends that you have no more than five users per licence.

LINZ runs on a cost recovery basis, so there are no discounts for buying multiple licences. However, you can share a licence across more than one site.

Every user must also have a Digital Certificate. Digital Certificates are the bedrock security of the Landonline system. They are personal to the individual user and Landonline's functions cannot be accessed without them.

How much will it cost?

a) Licences

Licence Fee
e-search plus
e-dealing plus
TA e-certification

Note: If you later decide to upgrade any licences, you will only be required to pay the difference between the fee for the new licence and the original licence, e.g. an upgrade from e-search to e-dealing will cost $100 per upgrade rather than the $600 cost of a completely new e-dealing licence.

b) Digital certificates

Registration and certification of each Digital Certificate costs $94. Annual renewal per certificate costs $56. If a Digital Certificate needs to be replaced the fee is $88.

c) Lodgement and search fees

Fees apply to each title or survey lodgement made through Landonline. As part of the sign-up process, a firm will be provided with a Landonline credit account. All fees incurred during online searches and lodgements will be charged to this account which can be paid by direct debit, or cheque. See the table of fees for any activity that can be done electronically through Landonline (with manual fees for comparison).

Is there a limit on the number of users per licence?

Licence fees are allocated per firm and not by the number of people who use them. Firms may nominate any number of users for the firm's licence or licences. However, as only one person may use any one licence at any one time, LINZ recommends that you have no more than five users per licence. Every user must also have a Digital Certificate.

Are there discounts for buying multiple licences?

No. LINZ runs Landonline on a cost recovery basis, and recovers the actual cost of the Landonline software as part of the licence fee.

Can I share a licence across more than one site?

Yes. However invoices will relate to sites and cannot be broken down and split between several sites.


What are Digital Certificates?

A Digital Certificate is your digital signature in Landonline. It is used to identify who you are as you travel around the internet. LINZ uses Digital Certificates to authenticate each person using Landonline.

Why do I need a Digital Certificate when I’m only searching in Landonline?

Digital Certificates are a key element of Landonline security. When you search Landonline, you share the same online environment as those who undertake electronic transactions so the same level of security must apply to all users.

Can more than one person in a firm use Landonline at any one time?

Yes. You need to buy more than one licence to have more than one person online at any given time. Three licences for example, would allow three people to access Landonline at a time. A single licence allows only one person to access Landonline at a time.

Can I log on from anywhere?

There are no licence restrictions in relation to where you log on to Landonline. You can log on from anywhere with an internet connection providing you have your Digital Certificate and the computer you are using has the correct software on it (e.g. Uniprint, Citrix).

What about improvements to Landonline?

Regular maintenance of Landonline includes a release of a new version approximately every 6 months. All releases are automatically provided to customers at no cost. Usually these releases are designed to remedy known issues and introduce new or enhanced application features. LINZ has a team of business analysts who continually work on analysing support calls and enhancement suggestions, as well as fixing system bugs raised by internal and external users.