Known issues for e-survey customers.

From Landonline release 3.16

TitleDisplay All Creating Documents References in Automated  Schedule of Existing Easements

In the new Schedule/Memorandum tab, when creating a Schedule of Existing Easements the ‘Creating Document Reference’ field will draw down all current interests against the head title(s) (as long as these are entered in the Survey Header | Comprised in Reference fields)

Within the Schedule of Existing Easements table under ‘Creating Document Reference’  if there are more than 6 documents  it will appear they are not all listed after you select the drop down option in this field

However they are all listed.  See the Action points below to see how to view the entire list.


In order to see all the current interests listed in the ‘Creating Document Reference’ drop down list:

  • Select the drop down arrow for the field to open the list
  • If the document you want is displaying then click on it
  • If the document you want is not displaying simply use the mouse wheel to scoll up or down to select the required document (do not select anything until you find the document you require)


TitleEffects of Incorrectly Captured New Parcel Appellations in the Schedule/Memorandum Tab

There have been instances where a user cannot populate their schedule completely as they encounter the following issue after selecting from the ‘Shown’ drop down list:

This is due to incorrectly created new Parcel Appellations back in Capture  or in your 3rd party software (which will import them in the wrong format)

The following screen shot is what an incorrect Parcel looks like in the LandXML file:

In the following screen shot, Lot 1 Deposited Plan 4000005 has been captured correctly with the correct Appellation Format (highlighted blue), however,  Lot 2 DP 4000005 has not been captured correctly (highlighted yellow)

In the Parcel List screen select’ Edit’ on the incorrect appellation (e.g. Lot 2 DP 4000005) – the sceen shot below shows the incorrect Appellation Format of ‘Other’


How to correct the incorrect newly captured appellation in your Parcel List screen

  • Open the Parcel List screen
  • Select the incorrect newly created appellation that looks like the one highlighted yellow in the screen shot below:
  • Select ‘Edit’ and change the Appellation Format from ‘Other’ to ‘General’ and select OK
  • The amended parcel detail screen will display the following and you need to re-enter the following fields (as shown in the following screen shot):
    • Parcel Type
    • Parcel Number
    • Plan Type
    • Plan Number
  • Select OK
  • The parcel does not need to be relinked
  • Close the Parcel Detail screen and Spatial window (if open)
  • Go back to the Schedule/Memorandum tab and re-enter the details into your selected table
  • If capturing new parcels in your 3rd party software, never place the plan number in the Parcel Name field for new appellations being created


TitleRoad Names in Plan Generation – Layout Sheets

There is an on-going issue with road names in Plan Generation | Layout Sheets. 

Where new surveys create new road polygons, the new roads are normally captured as one new polygon and given an appellation in that survey. 

In the example below this plan created two polygons for road (Lot 901 and Lot 902).  You can see there are several road names inside Lot 901 and Lot 902.  

 this plan created two polygons for road (Lot 901 and Lot 902).  You can see there are several road names inside Lot 901 and Lot 902.
(Diagram 1)

In the spatial window below, if we concentrate on Meadows, Charlbury and Lydiard Drives you can see that there are 3 road names in the one polygon.  The polygon is closed off by the areas circled blue but not where the areas are circled red and highlighted yellow. 

In the DCDB days (Digital Cadastral Database) under the Department of Survey & Land Information (DOSLI), we spent time and closed off road polygons to create smaller polygons for roads to satisfy councils and other end users of our data.  This is not the case for new surveys that create new road formations:

   This is not the case for new surveys that create new road formations
(Diagram 2)


In Plan Generation Define Diagrams, this is reflected as per spatial above.  All the road names highlighted in yellow below are all contained within 1 polygon (the formation of Lot 902 from Diagram 1 above):

 All the road names highlighted in yellow below are all contained within 1 polygon

(Diagram 3)

When the Layout Sheets are opened, the system looks for the polygon shapes that are within the diagram created in Define Diagrams.

In this example, as the adjoining road names (Charlbury Drive and Lydiard Drive) are contained within one polygon (to define Lot 902 on the abutting plan) one of these road names will be incorrect.

In this instance the road name circled red (Charlbury Drive) is incorrect – it should be Lydiard Drive: 

 In this instance the road name circled red (Charlbury Drive) is incorrect – it should be Lydiard Drive

(Diagram 4)

To amend this road name, select and hide it.  Then write the correct road name in ‘User Added Text’ and position on the layout sheets at the correct location.


There may be other situations where by you may see an incorrect road name appear in Layout Sheets.  Please ensure that you check your layout sheets before generating the images and undertake the following steps to correct those road names.

Where an incorrect road name is displayed in the Layout Sheets do one of the following options to:

Option 1

  • Select the road name
  • Move the road name to the correct location if its displayed incorrectly
  • Add the correct road name in User Added Text in the correct location

Option 2

  • Hide the road name
  • Add the correct road name in User Added Text in the correct location
TitleFind Work/Request via ‘Survey|TA Certificate’ functionality is returning an error message and throwing users out of Landonline

When users find work using the following action:

The CSL_S07 TA Certification screen opens up.

If users select ‘Search’ then theCLW_S02c - Find Work / Request screen opens up and users can change the Search Criteria from TA Certification Work to Request or Request Manual Copy

However if the user selects either Request or Request Manual Copy an error message returns and user is thrown out of Landonline

For now, if you need to Find Work or a Request please use the Find Work/Request icon in Workspace on the left hand side of your Workspace screen:

ActionFor now, if you have more than one TA name into the TA Certification tab then attach a manual TA Certificate to the one that won’t let you add the online TA Certificate.

From release 3.11


Captured marks are not displaying in the spatial window


It has been identified that at times Captured Marks disappear from the Spatial Window at Capture.

Some of the instances where this occurs are:

  • just after the Spatial Window is opened and all you see is the view of NZ – the spatial display does not zoom to your captured data area
  • linking or unlinking marks
  • after an exception process has been undertaken to move nodes in Landonline


If you find your captured marks are not displaying for any of the above reasons do the following:

  1. Open the Mark Capture window
  2. Select the ‘Refresh’ button on the right hand side of the screen
  3. Close the Mark Capture window
  4. On the spatial window select ‘Capture’|’Refresh’

Marks should now display again.

From release 3.7

Landonline release 3.7 was implemented over the weekend of 17-18 March. The Plan Generation Distortion enhancement has caused the following to occur:

Errors encountered opening Plan Generation Layout Sheets
Geometry errors encountered opening Plan Generation, Define Diagrams or Layout Sheets
Where no errors occur opening Layout Sheets but data laid out is now not what it previously looked like

LINZ appreciates that this is causing major problems for some eSurvey users and are giving high priority to resolving these issues. In the meantime:

Where 1 or 2 occurs, please log a call to 0800 665 463 with the CSD number and error message – an Application Specialist will contact the surveyor/technician and work with them to get the plan to open up.

Where 3 occurs, review all layout sheets and where necessary amend the diagrams or edit the layout sheets.

As a result of the new Plan Generation distortion enhancement, there is a greater emphasis on ensuring that all Y rules are satisfied before opening Plan Generation. More importantly, it is essential to check the entire Prevalidation Report, in particular, the two adjustment reports at the bottom of the prevalidation report. If gross errors are reported in either of these adjustments, the risk of things going wrong in Plan Generation is high, so surveyors should ensure that these data capture errors are resolved before attempting to go into Plan Generation.

If you are unsure how to proceed please contact 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463).

From previous releases

EnhancementPlan Generation
TitleError 47 messages
Error 47 messages occasionally prevent  users re-entering Layout Sheets.
Error 47 occurs when data integrity issues are found in the XML file being opened when entering Layout Plan Sheets.
Incomplete saves as a consequence of Page re-ordering was one of the main causes for error 47 to appear after 3.10.  This fault was fixed on 11th July 2014, however some users may still get the message if an incomplete save occurred prior to the fix.
We are aware of other scenarios where error 47 will occasionally occur, but these are relatively rare. One of these has a simple workaround, i.e:
If you get error 47 when attempting to open the Layout Sheets please do the following:
  • Open Define Diagrams
  • Create a dummy diagram
  • Save and close Define Diagrams
  • Open Layout Sheets
If you have tried this workaround and error 47 still occurs please raise a call with our Customer Services team and inform them of what you have done up to the point of receiving the error message.
Note: We are very keen to hear from anyone who is aware of a specific set of steps which cause the error 47 message next time they re-enter Layout Sheets.  Once we can reliably reproduce the fault the fix is usually straightforward
EnhancementPlan Generation
TitleLOL_Workspace.exe error in Layout Sheets

An unexpected error will occur if user added text is typed beyond the page border using the ‘add text’ icon Add rectangle icon at the top of the toolbar in the Layout Sheets:

Landonline workspace icon
When you close the error message, this will close you out of Landonline completely.  Log back in and open the Layout Sheets.  The user added text you added beyond the page border and any other unsaved edits will be lost.

When adding text using the Add Text button, do not let any text entered extend over the page border.  Alternatively use the Add Text functionality in the side panel.

TitleTopology is incorrect when XML files are imported into Landonline

Some XML files are being imported into Landonline without correct topology being formed.

The coordGeom name is not present in the XML file. This is what links the parcel boundary to the vectors. Without this link, the parcel boundary will be made up of only captured boundary links. The application (Landonline) is working as it should be.


3rd Party Software Issue - After an XML file is imported into Landonline, surveyors should check that the parcel topology is correct. Open up the Vector capture screen and look at the Layer column. If all vectors listed only show “0-NBdy” then topology was incorrectly formed in the 3rd party application.

Option 1:

In 3rd party software, Surveyors need to ensure that when creating parcels in their 3rd party software, that they link those parcels to the correct spatially defined parcel.

Option 2:

  • Open the spatial window
  • Open the Parcel list and unlink all the parcels from the parcel list screen In the spatial window select “Captured Parcel Bdy Lines” layer then select by polygon an area that encompasses all the parcels in the survey
  • Once this layer is highlighted yellow, right click on mouse and select “delete”
  • Refresh the spatial window if need be, and the result will show all parcels created are only captured in the “0-NBdy” layer
  • Select each line individually and edit these Non-Boundary lines to the correct layer for which the parcel is intended e.g. “1-Prim”
  • Once all parcel boundaries have been amended, re-link all the created parcels in your parcel list.


Last Updated: 6 July 2018