Known Issues for e-dealing customers

From previous releases

TitleFailure of Business Rule T071 for names containing 'Trust' and 'Trustee'
DescriptionBusiness Rule T071 checks for valid names that include the word Trust or Trustee, eg Public Trust. If the entered name includes additional punctuation eg Public. Trust. the rule incorrectly displays a warning message about Trusts. The dealing can proceed.
ActionCheck the name entry and alter or continue as appropriate
TitleRejected & Withdrawn instruments that affect another instrument in the same dealing must be resigned when returned to workspace
DescriptionIf a dealing contains an instrument that is affected by another instrument in the same dealing eg Mortgage (M) then a Variation of Mortgage (VM), if the dealing is withdrawn or rejected it is necessary to resign the VM. A new version of the dealing will be created in Workspace with new instrument numbers. The instrument number of the M previously entered in the VM will no longer be valid and must be changed, prompting resigning.
ActionRecertify and sign the affected instrument
TitleSigning Image Only instruments - Deleting a name in the Insert Names screen deletes all signing for that CP in the instrument
DescriptionFor an Image Only instrument with multiple Conveyancing Professionals (CPs) in the same role, a CP may sign in separate sessions for different parties. If one of those parties is deleted this causes all signings for that CP in that instrument in all roles to be cleared when only the signing instance for the affected party should be cleared.
ActionInformation only
TitleInstrument view not displaying correctly for a Transmission of Simultaneous Deaths in All mode
DescriptionThe Transmission instrument is not showing the resultant shares of the applicants as it should when processed in All Mode. It currently displays eg John Smith as Executor of Jane Smith When it should display John Smith as Executor as to a ½ share of Jane Smith.
ActionProcess the Transmission in Share mode
TitleAmendment to Message 28530 to the effect that a Transmission by Survivorship cannot be processed against a Pending Title
DescriptionIt is not possible to prepare a Transmission of Type - Survivorship, Simultaneous Deaths or Joint Family Homes (which is also for simultaneous deaths) against a Pending Title (ie a new title that is not yet Live). If this is attempted the message that displays does not state clearly that this is not possible.
ActionInformation only
TitlePrepare Transmission - Unable to tab past an Applicant row in LMO/Lease Mode
DescriptionFor Transmission Types of Bona Vacantia, Sec 324 Companies Act 1993 and Part 13 Companies Act 1993 it is not possible to navigate the screen using the tab key past the Applicant section. The mouse must be used after that.
ActionInformation only
TitleTransmission affecting pending Mortgage or Lease cannot be saved or signed if reopened after initial save
DescriptionIf a Transmission of Type Executor/Administrator is prepared over a Pending mortgage or lease and there are multiple mortgagees or lessees and the Transmission is saved and closed, it is not then possible to further save or sign the transmission.
ActionOpen the Transmission, Restore the details, re-enter the pending instrument information and sign in that session
Title<Description of Part> field in Caveat limited to 505 characters
DescriptionTo allow for all scenarios this size of this field will be increased to a maximum of 1024 characters.
ActionAttach an image to the Caveat with additional details if required
TitleInstruments in an e-dealing are not recognizing prior Lease and Encumbrance instruments in the same dealing
DescriptionIf Lease or Encumbrance instruments are created in a dealing and following instruments in the dealing affect those instruments (eg Mortgage of Lease) it is necessary to manually enter the Lease or Encumbrance number and encumbrancee details into the following instruments. Messages may advise that the numbers are not recognised.
ActionIgnore any such message and process the dealing
TitleMessage 28252 not appearing as expected when a title exists for the leasehold estate and the Lease number is entered into an instrument
DescriptionIf a title has issued for a lease, new instruments affecting the lease should be created referencing the title and not the lease number. It is possible to enter the lease number into eg a Transfer in lease mode, and no error message displays. Note – instruments affecting leases step down to Lodge.
ActionPrepare instruments against leasehold estates for which titles have issued in terms of the title reference and not the lease number
TitlePrepare Transfer screen – Complex mode – Third Party Transferors, New Estate to be Transferred and Description of Part fields allow entry past allowable limits
DescriptionCurrently more information can be entered into these fields than can be saved. The fields provide sufficient scope to enter detailed information (eg 500 characters for Description of Part) but this can be exceeded and it is not apparent that entry has exceeded allowable limits.
ActionPreview the instrument to ensure that all entered text is displayed
TitleA&I - Alias etc information not displaying for some instruments or when prepared
DescriptionFor some instruments in an e-dealing, when the instruments are prepared and then the A&I screen opened, if the clients have Alias, Name Suffix or Minor details these details are not displayed with the Client Name.
ActionType this information into the A&I Preview Screen if required
TitleCancelled fee items not always appearing in the Fees Report
DescriptionCancelled fees, ie from a Withdrawn dealing, are not always appearing in the fees report when using Firm/User as the search criteria. They do display if using the Transaction id as the search criteria.
ActionInformation only


Last Updated: 19 January 2021