We’ve made a change to the infrastructure that supports Landonline, an important step in making sure it remains up to date and reliable.

This will be in place for all customers from 31 July 2017. Over June and July, we gave customers the chance to try this new platform before the old one was removed.

If you didn’t use it over that time, there is a chance you may have trouble accessing this, particularly if you are a signing user. Signing users need to download and re-install the DigiSign software before you can use the new platform.

Instructions for signing users

If you’re a signing user, you will need to download and re-install the DigiSign software before you can use the new logon.

Read instructions on installing DigiSign.

Watch a brief video about installing DigiSign

Where can I get help?

If you have any questions or problems with the logon, call our customer support team on 0800 665463 or email at customersupport@linz.govt.nz

Questions and Answers

Why is this being done?

We have upgraded the Landonline infrastructure to make sure it remains reliable for years to come.

I’m getting a time out message on the webpage, does this mean I will be logged out of Landonline?

Neither of the below messages will log you off Landonline, they are timeout messages for the webpage itself and you will be required to re-enter your password if you have logged off.

My password is not being accepted, I’m being asked to enter a user name?

If you have any issues logging in, then close your browser and try logging in again.

I can’t access my drives to attach images?

Some users may experience difficulties accessing their drives when attaching images, if you enter \\Client\ in the File name and click Open, you should then be able to access your drives.

Note that drives may be named differently and in a different order than on your PC. The first letter (D$) is the drive as it is named on your PC.

I’m getting an error message when signing.

If you see the below error, this means the Digisign software wasn’t reinstalled prior to signing.

Information on reinstalling Digisign is available on the LINZ website.

What do I do if I'm getting a 'page cannot be displayed' error?

If you're receiving this message, first make sure that TLS 1.0-1.2 is enabled on your web browser.

To do this, go to Internet Options and select the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to near the bottom, and under the Security section, make sure TLS 1.0, 1.1, amd 1.2 are all ticked.

If you still experience issues, then go to the Content Tab in Internet Options and select the Clear SSL State button.

What do I do if I can't open the Workspace icons?

Some users have experienced issues with opening the icons on the left side of the workspace screen. If you can't open by double clicking, then select by single click and Enter on your keyboard to open.


Is this part of the ASaTS project?

No. While LINZ’s ASaTS project will ultimately replace Landonline, it is still a few years away and we are committed to ensuring Landonline remains reliable until this time.

Last Updated: 9 June 2017