Release notes on search and administration

Changes for search and administration as part of Landonline Release 3.16


Changes to Street Address and Road Name Searches

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-78 & 79 (Internal and External)
Description: There have been a number of improvements to street address and road searches.

Previously when searching a street address you needed to specify either the Land District or Territorial Authority to narrow the results down. The Street address search box now includes the Suburb and City in the drop-down, so the Land District and Territorial Authority fields are no longer required for these searches. The House Number search is then limited to the address numbers that are relevant for the road name selected. The Road Name search works in the same way.


The same applies to searching for a title using the Street Address Search (note that the selecting a Land District in the Title Search screen will not filter the Road Name dropdown in the Street Address Search box).

The way centrelines display spatially has also been changed. Previously the road centrelines layers displayed as below

The new layers display as:

The Road Centreline layer is the one that will be turned on by default, and replaces the old Road-Cur-Centreline layer. Other layers can turned on as required.

The display of the new Road Centreline layer is essentially the same as previously.

Saving a Supporting Document from the Searches Tree is not Adding the Plan Number to the File Name

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-480 (Internal and External)
Description: When saving a supporting document from the tree, the plan number is not included in the file name. This makes it difficult when the same document type from different surveys is saved

This has now been fixed, and the saved file now includes the plan number

Add a Column in the Survey Plan Search Results Window

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-501 (Internal and External)
Description: Currently when searching for pre-Landonline survey plans, if you didn’t specify a land district there was no way to know which land district a plan was related to.

An extra column has been added in the search results window to display the Land District of the search results

Allow Users to Choose their Own Colour Setting For Selecting Spatial Objects

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-657 (Internal and External)
Description: Currently when you select spatial objects, like a parcel or plan reference label, in the Spatial window the result highlights Yellow in the Spatial window.  Now users can select their own preferred colour option before selecting the spatial object.

When the spatial window in Searches is open a new icon is displayed top left in the Menu bar:

When you click on this colour palate the colour chart opens:

Select your preferred colour and select OK to close this chart

Spatially select a parcel and it will now display in the colour you chose e.g. select Red as your colour then select a parcel spatially, that parcel will now display Red

Select a Plan Reference Label, it too will now display with a red indicator:

Turn on Cadastral Vectors, select a Cadastral Vector, it too will now display red:

The colour chosen to do your spatial selections with will remain that colour for that session you are in, or if you close out of Searches but not Landonline

If you log out of Landonline, the default colour of Yellow will display when you next log back into Landonline

This only works in Searches spatial window and other LINZ internal applications that utilise the spatial window. It does not work in the Capture Spatial window for Internal or External users

Auto Populate the Searches Tree with Images for the CSD you are Looking At

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-682 (Internal and External)
Description: When you search for a CSD and add it to the Searches Tree, expand it and open the ‘Referenced Survey’ leaf, all referenced surveys for that particular CSD should be listed and if you open them, the images should also display. In some instances, if the plan was an imperial one, the image would not be listed therefore you could not open the image. To workaround this, the plan missing the images would have to be searched as a survey plan to view the images.


  • Expand the CSD in the tree
  • Expand Referenced Survey leaf
  • All referenced plans are listed
  • Double click on the plans
  • Images should open for those plans

Highlight Duplicate Search in Tree if it Exists in Tree

LINZ Ref: LOLCM-688 (Internal and External)
Description: When large number of searched items are added to the Searches Tree, and then the user unknowingly tries to add an item already in the tree, its not always easy to locate that duplicated item.


Adding an item to the ‘Searches’ tree that is already in the tree:

Spatially search and add several Surveys to the Searches tree:

Search on DP 3448 Wellington and try and add to the tree again

The system will automatically highlight that plan number already added into the Searches tree:

Adding two or more items to the ‘Searches’ tree but you don’t realise they are already in the Searches Tree:

Spatially select more than one survey that is already in the tree and try and add it again

Message 47 appears and lists the plans that already exist in the tree

When you select OK to this message the system will go and locate and highlight the plan in the tree that listed last in the message, the other duplicates need to be located manually by looking through the list:

Adding two or more items to the Searches tree where some are already added and others are not in the tree:

Spatially search and add several Surveys to the Searches tree:

Spatially add some more Surveys to the Searches tree, including some already in the tree and some new Surveys

The new plans are added (shown circled in red below)

Message 47 displays informing you that some of the plans are already added to the tree

When you select OK to this message the system will go and locate and highlight the plan in the tree that listed last in the message, the other duplicates need to be located manually by looking through the list:

NOTE:  This is the same for Parcels and Titles when they are added to the Searches tree

Last Updated: 7 July 2017