Land information New Zealand has the role of Steward for Imagery, one of the fundamental data themes identified by the New Zealand Geospatial Office.

As part of this role LINZ has developed a National Imagery Coordination Programme.

The release of high-value public data is at the heart of the Government’s policy on Open Data. It improves transparency, enables better decisions to be made by all sectors of society and stimulates innovation and economic growth.

The primary objective of the National Imagery Coordination Programme is to develop and implement a coordinated approach to the acquisition and dissemination of imagery that will improve its ease of access and use, achieve better value for public sector investments and drive economic growth.

Imagery Coordination report

In December 2011 LINZ engaged a consortium led by BERL economics, to inform on:

  • The extent of imagery procurement in New Zealand
  • The potential economic impacts of improved coordinated procurement and open access to public sector imagery, and
  • Options for improved coordinated imagery acquisition and dissemination 

The work involved inviting all councils, public sector agencies and geospatial sector groups to take part in a survey around their current and future imagery acquisitions. The goal of this analysis is to identify how a national coordinated approach will benefit them and the overall New Zealand economy.

The following programme outcomes were identified based on the findings of the Imagery Coordination report:

  • Public sector imagery is open for public access
  • Imagery is easily discoverable, accessible and disseminated
  • Data sets are interoperable
  • Imagery can be actively reused
  • Imagery is protected and preserved
  • Public sector imagery investments are optimised.

Download a copy of the

  • Imagery Coordination report (attachment below)
  • Stakeholder workshop annex report (attachment below)

Current status

Coordinating procurement and open licensing
  • LINZ is working with various regional imagery consortiums to promote procurement under creative commons open licence. LINZ has contributed financially to recent public sector imagery acquisitions to enable full open licensing. As of June 2013, approximately 85% of New Zealand coverage has been released under full open licensing.
  • LINZ has developed imagery acquisition standards to ensure datasets are procured to common specifications. Our team also continues to provide advice, information and education to imagery custodians.
Imagery data management system
  • Working with stakeholders, LINZ has developed requirements for an imagery data management service. Our objective is to unlock the value in public sector imagery investment by providing easy discoverability and access as more imagery is acquired under open licence.
  • An Expression of Interest (EOI), seeking information from potential suppliers for a sustainable imagery data management solution took place in early 2013.
Historic imagery archive

LINZ is scoping the project to scan the Crown’s historic imagery archive.

Future actions

  • Developing a business case that includes a sustainable funding model for ongoing public sector imagery acquisition and operational data service funding.
  • Seeking MoUs with agencies on committing annual funding to the coordinated imagery acquisition programme and to the data service.
  • Establish a National Imagery Manager role at LINZ.
  • Imagery data service procurement: a closed tender procurement for development and implementation of an imagery data service.
  • Establishing a panel of preferred suppliers for imagery acquisition.
  • Developing the investment case for scanning the historic archive.


LINZ has made available via the LINZ Data Service:

  • Crown imagery archive photo extents, this includes aerial photography and orthophotos commissioned by Lands & Survey, DoSLI and LINZ
  • LINZ Orthophotos commissioned between 1994 and 2006.

LINZ has published on the LINZ website:

Last Updated: 20 April 2018