This section contains July 2013 Topographic Data Release Notes.

Data Changes

No areas have undergone a full maintenance

Sixty-eight sheets have had some or all of the following updates:

  • minor changes to Department of Conservation (DOC) huts, walking tracks, campsites
  • the addition of new roads and changes to road names
  • changes to Transpower lines.

These are coded respectively: DOC, ROAD, T/Power in the following per sheet list.

Topo50 SheetVersion NumberDescription of changes
Full Maintenance
Selected updates
BD331.04ROAD updates
BD371.02ROAD and Tauranga Airport updates
BE361.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates, Hamareha Hut removed
BE371.02DOC, ROAD, T/Power and schools updates
BG401.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates. Wards Hut removed.
BH321.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
BH381.02ROAD updates
BJ381.01DOC and T/Power updates
BK351.01DOC, ROAD,T/Power and schools updates
BN231.01DOC updates, Mangarakau School removed
BP331.03DOC and ROAD updates
BQ221.01DOC and ROAD updates
BQ241.03DOC and ROAD updates. Geographic name correction Hodges Creek
BQ321.04DOC updates
BQ341.01ROAD and airstrips updates
BS221.01DOC, T/Power and mast updates
BS281.03DOC updates
BT271.02DOC and ROAD updates
BT281.03Correction to reference frame
BU201.02DOC, and ROAD updates
BU231.03DOC, f/bridge and ROAD updates
BV181.01DOC and ROAD updates
BW161.02DOC and ROAD updates
BW171.02DOC updates, f/bridge
BW181.02DOC updates, f/bridge
BW191.02DOC updates
BW201.02DOC, ROAD and skifields updates
BX161.03DOC and glacier lakes updates
BX171.03DOC and glacier lakes updates
BX181.02DOC and ROAD updates
BX191.01DOC and ROAD updates
BX201.02DOC and ROAD updates
BY10pt1.01DOC and ROAD updates
BY171.03DOC updates
BY181.02DOC, ROAD, T/Power and  Fox Peak Skifield updates
BY201.01ROAD and T/Power updates
BZ101.01DOC updates
BZ151.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
BZ161.01DOC and T/Power updates
BZ171.02ROAD and T/Power updates, geographic name correction for Hankey Stream
BZ181.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
BZ191.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
BZ201.02ROAD updates
CA161.02DOC, ROAD and  golfcourse updates
CA172.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
CA181.01DOC, ROAD, T/Power and  Forestry area updates
CA191.01DOC, ROAD, T/Power and  Landfill updates
CB101.02DOC and ROAD updates
CB111.03DOC and ROAD updates
CC081.03DOC and ROAD updates
CD081.02DOC and ROAD, Te Anau Aerodrome updates
CD101.01DOC updates
CD111.01DOC and ROAD updates
CE071.01DOC and T/Power updates
CG111.02DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
CG122.01DOC and ROAD updates
CG131.01DOC and ROAD updates, McLennan Hut & Tautuku Hut added
CG141.01DOC and ROAD updates
CG151.01DOC and ROAD updates
CH091.02DOC updates
CH122.01DOC and ROAD updates
CH131.01DOC and ROAD updates

For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History.

Schema Changes


Topographic Data Dictionary Changes