July 2014 Topographic Data Release Notes.

Data Changes

To make the most efficient use of the resources available, the LINZ Topographic team is adopting a new technique for the update of LINZ Topo50 data. We're using what we're calling a 'HighVis' (high visibility) approach.
Where they are present, new roads (and road names), backcountry tracks & huts, schools and transmission line features are checked and updated. Changes to gazetted geographic names are also made.
For the remaining features, each sheet is scanned, and only features that stand out as being significantly different from the previous edition are updated. 
The types of changes will vary across the country.  
For example in some areas large tracts of land are being changed from forest to life-style blocks. In these areas the vegetation areas are updated and the new buildings and associated features added.  In other areas where the vegetation and building changes are minimal, the data remains as is.
Fences in the Topo50 dataset are a representative pattern that indicates general land use. With a HighVis approach these would rarely be changed.  However they were for BV24, Waipara where the fence pattern changed from rectangular to circular, altering the appearance of the land significantly and indicative of a change to dairy farming.
In this release sixty-seven sheets have been through the HighVis process; contours have been updated in the Stockton Mine area.

Topo50 Sheet

Topo50 Sheet Name

Version Number

Description of changes

Full Maintenance


High Vis
AV29Russell1.02New geographic name; Hohi.

Updates to roads, foot tracks, campsite added.


Atiamuri1.01Updates to roads, exotic forest, new geothermal plant, landuse.

Updates to foot tracks.


Opourapa Island1.01Updates to roads, schools.

Updates to roads, foot tracks, exotic forest, landuse.

BH28Oakura2.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools.


New Plymouth2.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools.
BH30Urenui1.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools, energy facilities, power generation.
BH34*Raurimu1.03Updates to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks, schools, campsite added.
BJ28 Opunake2.01Updates to roads, schools.
BJ29Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont2.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools, energy facilities.
BJ30Stratford1.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools, enerrgy facilities, hospital removed, exotic forest.


Raetihi1.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools, new dam and lake.


Mount Ruapehu1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, schools, skifields, crater lake.
BJ35*Waiouru1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, foot bridges.
BK28ptPihama1.01Updates to roads, schools.
BK29 Manaia2.01Updates to roads, schools, energy facilities.
BK30Patea2.01Updates to roads, schools, new exotic forest, old buildings.
BN24Collingwood1.03Spelling corrections to 8 geographic names.
BQ23*Wangapeka Saddle1.02Updates to foot tracks. Campsite added.
BQ24*Tapawera1.04Updates to roads, foot tracks.
BR21Granity1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks, Stockton Coal Mine including contours.
BR22Lyell1.01Updates to roads, huts, foot tracks (inc. Old Ghost Road), exotic forest.
BR23Murchison1.03Updates to roads, airstrips, exotic forest.
BR24Kawatiri1.01Updates to roads, foot tracks, campsites, exotic forest.
BR25Tophouse1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, airstrips, exotic forest.
BS21Reefton1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks, schools, railbridge.
BS22Shenandoah1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, historic site (stamper battery).
BS23Matakitaki1.01Upadtes to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks, airstrips, exotic forest.
BS24*Mount Robert1.03Updates to roads, foot tracks, footbridge.
BS25Severn1.01Updates to foot tracks, v/tracks, huts.
BT21Waiuta1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks, huts, footbridge, historic mining area.
BT22Springs Junction1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, v/tracks.
BT23Lewis Pass1.04Updates to foot tracks, campsites.
BT24Ada Flat2.04Updates to foot tracks, v/tracks, footbridge, campsites.
BT25Mount Northampton2.01Updates to foot tracks, campsites, Mt Lyford Skifield.
BU21*Haupiri1.02Updates to roads, foot tracks, airstrip, schools, footbridge.
BU22Lake Sumner1.02Updates to foot tracks, v/tracks, campsites.
BU23Boyle Village1.04Updates to v/tracks, exotic forest.
BU24Hanmer Springs1.01Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, exotic forest, drainage and irrigation patterns.
BU25Waiau1.01Updates to roads, v/tracks, exotic forest, drainage and irrigation patterns.
BV21Cass1.04Updates to airstrips, campsites, vegetation.
BV22Dampier Corner1.02Updates to v/tracks, f/tracks, huts.
BV23Virginia1.01Updates to roads, v/tracks, exotic forest.
BV24Waipara1.01Updates to roads, agriculture pattern, new landfill.
BV25Motunau Beach1.01Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, drainage and irrigation patterns, schools.
BW14ptWaikowhai Bluff1.02Updates to foot tracks.
BW15Okarito1.02Updates to roads, f/tracks, new heliport, river alignment.
BX12ptOtumotu Point1.02Correction to geographic name; Whakapohai River. Cableway removed.
BX14Gillespies Beach1.03Updates to roads. Campsite added.
BY11Hannah's Clearing1.01Updates to roads, f/tracks.
BY12Haast1.02Updates to foot tracks.
BY13Lake Paringa1.02Updates to foor tracks, huts.
BY14Mount Ward1.02Updates to foot tracks.
BY15*Birch Hill1.01Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, airstrip.
BZ11*Mount Pollux1.01Updates to roads, f/tracks.
BZ12Makarora1.04Updates to roads. Airstrip added.
BZ13Haast Pass / Tioripatea1.03Updates to f/tracks. Campsite added.
BZ14Mount Barth1.02Updates to f/tracks, huts.
BZ15Twizel1.03Updates to roads, f/tracks, exotic forest, Twizel township.
CA11Aspiring Flats1.05Updates to f/tracks, lakes.
CA12Minaret Bay1.02Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, airstrip, campsite added.
CA13Lake Hawea1.04Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, airstrip, huts, buildings.
CA14Lindis Pass1.01Updates to f/tracks, huts, airstrip.
CA15Omarama1.02Updates to roads, f/tracks, v/tracks, buildings, agriculture pattern.
CH08Codfish Island / Whenua Hou1.02New geographic name; Codfish Island / Whenua Hou


For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History

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