This section contains March 2014 Topographic Data Release Notes.

Data Changes

One sheet has undergone a full maintenance.
No contours have been changed.
Twenty-four sheets have had some or all of the following updates made to:
  • roads and road names
  • huts, foot tracks, campsites; both Department of Conservation (DOC) and others
  • transmission lines
  • schools.

Topo50 Sheet

Version Number

Description of changes

Full Maintenance

AX302.00Full sheet update from Jan & April 2011 imagery

Selected Updates



Updates to roads, foot tracks


Updates to roads, foot tracks


2.01Updates to roads, foot tracks

Updates to roads


2.01Updates to roads, foot tracks

Updates to roads

AZ302.02Updates to roads


1.03Updates to foot tracks
BN221.01Updates to huts
BR281.02Updates to roads, schools
BT23 1.03Updates to foot tracks, campsites
BV21 1.01Updates to foot tracks, campsites
BW201.03Updates to foot tracks


1.04Updates to roads, foot tracks. New height for Aorangi/Mt Cook


1.02Correction to geographic name; Neils Creek.
BY161.03Updates to huts, Army Training Area removed
BZ091.01Updates to foot tracks, huts
CA10 1.02Updates to foot tracks, huts. New geographic names Headlong Peak, Mount Tewha
CB081.03Updates to foot bridges. Correction to Grave - Talbot Pass. New geographic name; Pariroa/Castle Mount.
CC111.02Updates to roads. New geographic names; Te Kārearea Peak, Lake Te Kōhua, Mount Tūwhakarōria, Tapuae-o-Uenuku/Hector Mountains.
CC131.02Updates to roads
CD111.02Updates to roads. New geographic name; Tapuae-o-Uenuku/Hector Mountains

For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History.

Schema Changes


Topographic Data Dictionary Changes