This section contains May 2013 Release Notes.

Data Changes

No areas have undergone a full maintenance

Twenty-six sheets have had some or all of the following updates:

  • minor changes to Department of Conservation (DOC) huts, walking tracks, campsites
  • the addition of new roads and changes to road names
  • changes to Transpower lines.

These are coded respectively: DOC, ROAD, T/Power in the following per sheet list.

Topo50 SheetVersion NumberDescription of changes
Full Maintenance
Selected updates
BF341.01DOC, ROAD, and T/Power updates & geographic name Mangakōkakotaea Stream
BF381.02DOC and T/Power updates & DOC campsites added
BR231.02DOC, and ROAD updates; transfer station added
BT242.03DOC walking track names & DOC campsite added
BU191.02DOC, and ROAD updates
BV201.02DOC, and ROAD updates. DOC campsite added
BX121.01DOC updates
BY121.01DOC, and ROAD updates
BY161.02DOC updates
BY191.02DOC, ROAD, and T/Power updates; & vehicle track updates
BZ121.03DOC updates; & updates to state highway
CA111.04DOC, and ROAD updates; & Treblecone Skifield update
CB091.02DOC, and ROAD updates. DOC Campsites added
CB162.01DOC, roads and Transpower updates
CB191.01DOC, roads and Transpower updates
CC161.01DOC, roads and Transpower updates
CC171.01ROAD updates. Staircase Hut added, Macraes Mine detail and contour updated
CC182.01DOC, and ROAD updates. DOC campsite added
CC19pt2.01DOC, and ROAD updates
CD162.02DOC, and ROAD updates
CD172.01DOC, and ROAD updates. Macraes Mine detail and contour updated
CD182.01DOC, and ROAD updates & DOC campsite added
CE161.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates
CE171.01DOC, ROAD and T/Power updates; non-DOC foot tracks updates. Yellow Hut deleted, Philip J Cox Memorial Hut added.
CE181.01DOC updates
CF161.01DOC, and ROAD updates; non-DOC foot tracks updates

For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History.

Schema Changes


Topographic Data Dictionary Changes