This section contains May 2014 Topographic Data Release Notes.

Data Changes

One sheet has undergone a full maintenance.

No contours have been changed.

Thirty-four sheets have had some or all of the following updates made to:

  • roads and road names
  • huts, foot tracks, campsites; both Department of Conservation (DOC) and others
  • transmission lines
  • schools
  • Geographic names

Topo50 Sheet

Version Number

Description of changes

Full Maintenance


Snares Island/Tini Heke

2.00Corrections to positional accuracy of islands and improved definition of coastline.

Selected Updates

BE321.01Updates to roads, schools, tracks

Updates to roads, schools. Update area of Whanganui Prison.


1.01Updates to roads, schools

Updates to roads, schools


1.02Updates to roads, schools

Updates to roads, schools, tracks, huts

BL371.01Updates to roads, schools, New exotic forest


1.01Updates to roads, schools, drainage, vegetation
BL391.01Updates to roads, schools, New exotic forest, golf course
BM331.01Updates to roads, schools, Ohakea Aerodrome
BM341.02Updates to roads, schools, buildings
BM351.01Updates to roads, schools, Te Rere Hau Windfarm
BM361.01Updates to roads, schools, campsite, New exotic forest


1.01Updates to roads, schools, New exotic forest


1.01Correction to roads, schools, New exotic forest
BM39pt1.01Updates to roads
BN32pt1.03Updates to roads, schools
BN331.02Updates to roads, schools, tracks
BN341.02Updates to roads, schools, tracks, huts
BN351.01Updates to roads, schools
BN361.01Updates to roads, schools, New exotic forest
BN371.01Updates to roads, New exotic forest
BN38pt1.01Updates to roads, golf course
BP311.03Updates to roads, schools. Correction to name: Whitireia / Mount Couper
BP321.05Updates to roads, schools, tracks
BP331.04Updates to roads, schools, tracks, footbridges
BP341.03Updates to roads, schools, Hood Aerodrome
BP351.01Updates to roads, schools, New exotic forest
BP362.01Updates to roads. New Geographic name: Matira / Castle Rock
BQ312.02Upadtes to roads, schools, tracks, Mill Creek Windfarm
BQ321.05Updates to roads, schools
BQ331.03Updates to roads, schools
CB121.03Updates to roads, schools. New Geographic name: Norman Creek


Port Ross, Auckland Island

1.01Updates to f/tracks on Enderby Island. Correction to the locations of Venus Valley & Seeliger Creek

For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History

Schema Changes


Topographic Data Dictionary Changes