October 2014 Topographic Data release notes.

This release comprises updated data for the Pacific Islands of Tokelau, Niue and the Cook Islands.  This is the first time that these maps have been presented in Topo50 format. 
They replace the 272 map series. 

Satellite imagery captured between 2005 and 2010 has been used for the work, along with information provided by local government staff, a local surveyor and locals who were especially useful in providing updates and corrections to place names.

Also released is an update to the Topo250 dataset and maps – see following for a list of the main changes.

Finally 6 sheets of the Ant50 series in Antarctic have had geographic name changes.

New layer released

A new layer has been added to the LDS. These are “Gridless” versions of the raster map images and have been generated for users downloading the raster map layers in projections other than that of the published Topo50 map.

Gridless versions of Topo250, Tokelau, Niue and Cook Islands raster map layers form part of this release; Gridless versions of Topo50 raster map layer will form part of the next release. 

Changes to the next release of Topographic Data

The next release of topographic data will include the following schema changes: 

  • A new attribute containing a Unique Feature ID. The LDS changeset service will soon include Topo data.  
  • The Electoral/Landonline Road Centreline ID will replace the name_ID attribute in Topo Road Centreline layers. This will enable users a direct link via the IDs to the NZ Road Centre Line (Electoral) layer.
  • Re-blocking of the Topo50 data. To enable more agile updating, the next release of Topo50 data will be tiled to the Topo50 map sheet layout; currently all features except contours are tiled to larger blocks of Topo50 map sheets; Topo50 contours have always been tiled to Topo50 map sheets.


Sheet Name

Version Number

Description of changes

   Topo25 series, Pacific


PI01Atafu1.00Full Maintenance and new 1st Edition
PI02Nukunonu1.00Full Maintenance and new 1st Edition
PI03Fakaofo1.00Full Maintenance and new 1st Edition
PI04Niue1.00New data on this map includes certain mast points, solar farms, additional bore points and minor repositioning of certain locations for greater accuracy. Additional building points have also been created showing changes in local infrastructure. These updates were made with the help of local Niue residents.
   Cook Islands
PI05Pukapuka1.00Updated on this map is the formation of reef between Motu Kotawa and Toka Island showing a potential hazard for boats operating in this area. This update was made available with the aid of clearer imagery. Text alterations have been made for some locations with the aid of local Cook Island people.
PI06Nassau1.00The island has undergone little change since the last series of topographic mapping was completed and only extensions to existing tracks have been added linking the island coasts.
PI07Palmerston1.00There has been no significant change to the Palmerston island group and only a single passage has been added to this new data.
PI08Suwarrow1.00The first 1:50 000 scale map produced by LINZ of the island Suwarrow. Both East and West Suwarrow are now visible on the same sheet. Little poulation or infrastructure exists here and little change has occurred over time. A text name for the small land mass of Motu Oneone has been included as an update.
PI09Rakahanga1.00Very little change on the island and the only changes recorded for this island are corrections to spelling of various location names.
PI10Manihiki1.00Only minor changes have occurred to the island since last topographic mapping was completed. New data consists of shown buildings for a Hospital, School and power generation along with relevant descriptive text.
PI11Aitutaki1.00Only minor updates have been added to existing data. Churches have been added where known and a quarry has been placed in the north of the main Island.
PI12Rarotonga1.00Updates to this data consist of new historical points placed along with their descriptive text. Roading has been updated showing greater accuracy and several new roads with their names have been included. Foot tracks have been updated and in some cases extended showing that crossing the island by foot is possible. Additional building points have also been created showing expansion in urban and residential areas.
PI13Manuae1.00Tracks/buildings removed. Now uninhabited
PI14Takutea1.00Due to the size of the island there is very little change however this series has seen the inclusion of three additional known location points as confirmed by local Cook Island residents.
PI15Atiu1.00In addition to existing data this map includes updates Cooks Landing as a location. The airstrip has been re-attributed to reflect the no-seal surface. Tourist site Anatakitaki cave has been added also. 
PI16Penryn1.00First 1:50 000 scale map produced by LINZ allowing Penrhyn to be viewed on one sheet only. Little update to this data required as the island has seen little change. Cartographic text has been added to coral formations within the atoll as this data has been provided by Cook Island officials.
PI17Mangaia1.00Only minor updates required for this data. Spelling has been corrected in certain locations and some buildings have been attributed with Church or Hall where usage is known. A power generation building has been added to the west side of the island.
PI18Mitiaro1.00Changes in the new data include the upgrade of tracks to 1 metal roading, additional buildings showing local churches and corrections to the spelling of some locations.
PI19Mauke1.00Mauke has only minor changes in terms of infrastructure. A hospital has been relocated and two new names for locations have been included on the east side of the island. The tracks have been upgraded to show that they are now 1 lane metal roads.
   Topo250 series
   The Topo250 dataset has been reviewed against the Topo50 data and the following updates have been made to:
  • geographic names
  • residential area extents
  • roads, road realignments, and new routes for state highways
  • railways
  • racecourses now captured as polygons (were point features)
  • wind farms
  • mine extents and contours over mining areas
  • height points matched with Topo50 heights
  • lakes and braided rivers
Features not updated at this time include:
  • vegetation
  • building points.
250-1North Cape1.01 








250-7East Cape1.01 


New Plymouth1.01 


Palmerston North1.01 


250-20Martins Bay1.01 
250-24Dusky Sound1.01 
250-25Te Anau1.01 
250-31Chatham Islands1.01 
   Antarctic series
ME08Lake Vanda1.013 new geonames; Argo Gully,  Boulder Pavement,  Victoria Dunes
ME09Lake Brownworth1.012 new geonames; Packard Stream, Victoria Dunes
ME13Cape Royds1.012 new geonames; Abbott Peak, Gerof Point
ME14Mount Erebus1.012 new geonames; Clissold Nunatak, Helo Cliffs
MF09Lake Bonney1.012 new geonames; Blood Falls, Santa Fe Stream
MF13Hut Point Peninsula1.011 new geoname; Omelchenko Bluff


For details regarding the entire history of changes, read the Update History

Schema Changes

  • NZ Chatham Is (Topo, 1:250k): new layers for Windmill Points and Rock Points
  • NZ Mainland (Topo, 1:250k): new layers for Lagoon Polygons, Rock Points, Racetrack Polygons

Topographic Data Dictionary Changes


* = printed version available.