This release comprises selected updates (of various types) to 46 Topo50 sheets.

Of note in this release are:

  • Changes to the Old Ghost Road on BR22 are now complete
  • Recently opened Paekakariki Escarpment Track, part of the Te Araroa walkway, has been added to BP32

Details regarding the entire history of changes to Topo50.

Most of the titles for the selected updates in this release were driven by the requirement to reprint stocks where the current paper map edition was running low.

We aim to print only new editions of paper maps; where stock predictions and data availability permit, the sheet will undergo a HighVis update, and at minimum selected key features will be updated.


Not updated

Schema Changes


Topographic Data Dictionary Changes


Geographic Board Names Only

Map Sheet NoMap Sheet NameNew Version will beCommentsPrint date of new version
CC11Queenstown1.03New geographic name; Kelvin Peninsula (Mar-16)  


Map Sheet NoMap Sheet NameNew Version will beCommentsPrint date of new version
BJ34Mount Ruapehu1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, exotic forest, buildings, airstrips, residential areas (Mar-16) 13 May 2016
BN32ptBP32Kapiti Island1.05Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, vegetation, buildings, residential, coastline (May-16)  
BP32Paraparaumu1.08Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks (Te Araroa Trail, Paekakariki Escarpment track), vegetation, buildings, residential, coast (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BU24Hanmer Springs1.02Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, vegetation, buildings, residential (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BZ19Timaru1.02Updates to roads, v/tracks, buildings, residential areas, agriculture pattern, vegetation (May-16)  

Road Corridor

Map Sheet NoMap Sheet NameNew Version will beCommentsPrint date of new version
BH35Turangi1.02Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks,  buildings, vegetation (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BK30Patea2.02Updates to roads, v/tracks,  buildings (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BP28Te Aumiti (French Pass)1.04Updates to roads, v/tracks,  buildings, coastline (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BW21Springfield1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, exotic forest, buildings, residential areas, aerodromes (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
CG11Dacre1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, vegetation, buildings (May-16) 30 Jun 2016

Selected Updates

Map Sheet NoMap Sheet NameNew Version will beCommentsPrint date of new version
AZ31Warkworth1.04Updates to roads, v/tracks, buildings, golf courses (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
AZ32Kawau Island1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks, buildings, fences, coastline (May-16)  
BA35Whitianga2.01Updates to roads, buildings, coastline (May-16)  
BA36ptBA35Cooks Beach1.04Updates to roads, buildings, coastline (May-16)  
BE43Huiarua1.03Mangatutara Hut removed (Mar-16)  
BG40Waikaremoana1.03Updates to roads, shelter removed (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BJ43ptsBJ42,BH42,BH43Mahia Peninsula2.01Updates to roads, schools. The text "Hawini Rocks" removed (Mar-16)  
BK34Pohonui1.01Updates to roads, v/tracks, buildings, vegetation, ponds (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BM38Porangahau1.02Updates to roads, buildings (May-16)  
BM39ptBM38Blackhead1.02Updates to roads, buildings (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BN34Shannon1.04Positions of Conical Knob and Ngamaia corrected.   (Apr-16)  
BQ35Te Wharau2.01Updates to roads, buildings (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BQ36ptBQ35Patanui Stream2.01Updates to roads, buildings (Apr-16)  
BR22Lyell1.02Updates to roads, buildings.  Old Ghost Road updated (track alignment and new footbridges) (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BT21Waiuta1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks,  buildings, airstrip (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BT23Lewis Pass1.06Updates to f/tracks,  huts, f/bridges (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BT25Mount Northampton2.02Updates to roads, v/tracks (May-16)  
BU22Lake Sumner1.03Updates to roads, f/tracks,  f/bridge, buildings. (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BV17Kakapotahi1.02Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/bridge, buildings, rivers, coastline, lagoon (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
BV21Cass1.06Updates to f/tracks. Casey Hut removed (Mar-16)  
BW17Harihari1.04Upper Scone f/bridge removed (May-16)  
BX16Mount Elie De Beaumont1.05Butler River  f/bridge removed (May-16)  
BY22Pendarves1.02Updates to roads, coastline (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
BY23Fishermans Point1.02Updates to roads,  (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
CA07ptCB07Poison Bay1.01Updates to vegetation on Island. (Apr-16)  
CA12Minaret Bay1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks,  huts, buildings (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
CB07Bligh Sound1.01Updates to sand, vegetation on Island. Small contour correction (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
CB12Cardrona1.04Updates to roads, huts, buildings, ponds (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
CC09North Malvora Lake1.02Updates to roads,tracks (May-16)  
Updates to roads, v/tracks, f/tracks,  huts, buildings, agriculture patterns
13 May 2016
CD08Te Anau1.03Updates to roads, v/tracks, buildings, schools, Tunnel Burn corrected (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
CD10Eyre Peak1.02Updates to roads, v/tracks, huts, buildings (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
CE07Lake Monowai1.02Updates to roads (May-16) 30 Jun 2016
CH11Ruapuke Island1.01The text "Kelly Rock" removed. It was incorrectly shown (Mar-16)  
CJ10Port Adventure1.02Updates to roads, campsites, marine farms (Apr-16) 13 May 2016
Last Updated: 20 June 2016