This page contains details of the update history for Topo50 map sheets.

Topo50 map sheet updates

Topo50 map sheets are updated based on many criteria including the availability of new aerial imagery, significant change in the topography and when the sheet was last updated.

To find out when a particular sheet was last updated, check the “available since” column of the “Topo50 Sheet History” spreadsheet link below.

Updates since 2003

Since June 2003, map sheets have been updated according to the Topo50 map extents. This spreadsheet (attached below) details when each Topo50 map sheet was last updated.

Updates before 2003

Before June 2003, map sheets were updated according to the NZMS260 map extents. This document (attached below) compares the NZMS260 map sheets and when they were updated with the map sheets for Topo50, by overlaying the extents for the two series.

Last Updated: 1 October 2021