An issues and opportunities paper was published for consultation in August 2017 followed by workshops held during September. Submissions closed on 4 October 2017.

Two thirds of the feedback material related directly to the rules and the other third related to other elements of the cadastral system such as the validation process, Landonline, and guidance on the LINZ website (see figures 2 & 3 below).

High level breakdown of feedback

  • Surveyor General Rules 66%
  • Chief Executive Validation 4%
  • Guidance 7%
  • Landonline 15%
  • Other 8%

The feedback confirmed that the issues and opportunities paper covered most issues raised by surveyors. The bar graph below shows the top 20 areas of feedback:

Top 20 feedback topics

Feedback topicsSubmissions
Reinstatement Cadastral Survey Datasets38
Formatting of the Rules37
Non-primary parcel requirements24
3D Cadastre23
Water boundaries20
Vertical Datum15
Need for a Cadastral Survey Dataset Plan15
Irregular boundaries14
Terminology used in the Rules14
Accuracy standards13
Good survey practice12
Flexibility vs. Prescription12
Form of boundary12
Witnessing/Permanent reference mark requirements11
Plan presentation11
Better connection between the Rules and Landonline7
Ground movement6
Units of measurement6

The feedback and analysis was used to develop proposed rule changes as part of Stage two of the review.

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Last Updated: 23 September 2021