This page provides information and resolution to issues identified when implementing the CSR 2021. Please ensure you have the latest information prior to commencing a survey under CSR 2021.

Symbols for cadastral survey network marks

CSR 2021 rules 17(1), 18(2) & (3), 51(2)(c) and 53(2)(c) require the survey to be connected to a cadastral survey network mark (CSNM) or include a vertical control mark (VCM). Where a CSNM or VCM is connected to the survey by vectors it must be shown on the survey diagram with a triangle symbol (CSR 2021 Schedule 7, table 9).  

In some situations there are multiple CSNMs or VCMs in the vicinity and connected to the survey.  Only CSNMs or VCMs that are connected to in order to satisfy the requirements of rules 17, 18, 51(2)(c) and 53(2)(c) and are not permanent reference marks need to be identified with a triangle symbol.  Other CSNMs or VCMs can be shown as non-boundary as specified in CSR 2021 Schedule 7, table 9.

Bearing only observations to trigs

CSR 2021 rule 89(a) requires the survey diagram to show a bearing and distance to every new and old survey mark.  Landonline business rule C620 will check that a measured bearing and distance is captured.  If not, then C620 will provide a pre-validation warning.

Where a cadastral survey makes a bearing only observation to a trig, a distance is not required to be calculated and shown on the survey diagram. 

Despite Landonline business rule C620, a bearing only observation can be captured.  The survey report should address the C620 pre-validation warning. 

Landonline release 3.24 known issues

There are also a small number of known issues with the Landonline release 3.24 supporting the CSR 2021 that you should familiarise yourself with.

Known issues for e-survey  

Clarification still needed?

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Last Updated: 25 January 2022