LINZ is continually improving the cadastral survey dataset validation and approval process.

The survey system functions within a regulatory controlled environment that provides assurance of compliance at several levels. Within the end-to-end process, there was duplication of compliance effort by both surveyors and LINZ in assessing the quality of every cadastral survey dataset and determining compliance before integration into the cadastre. Prior to 2008, levels of LINZ validation effort did not accurately and appropriately reflect the risks associated with each lodged dataset.

The Risk-based Acceptance Process (RAP) was implemented in 2008 and meant that reduced checks were carried out on some CSDs in order to reduce duplication where the level of risk did not warrant it. This original RAP used surveyor profiles and dataset profile lodgement forms to assess risk level of CSDs. 

In 2014 we commenced a review of the process of validating and approving CSDs. The changes are a part of a Continuous Improvement approach within LINZ Operations – which is about being better, step by step, every day. With an even greater focus on our customers’ needs, we’ve been making changes to increase first time compliance and consistent responses, and reduce processing time. 

The process has involved consulting LINZ customers. We’d like to thank all the surveyors who have helped us so far, working with our staff to give us more insight into how requisitions can occur.

Using this approach, we’ve improved the workflow for validating and approving plans. This builds on the risk-based acceptance process implemented in 2008.

Surveyors no longer need to submit a Dataset Profile Lodgement Form (DPLF) with a CSD, and Surveyor Profiles will no longer be issued. The survey report template has been updated accordingly and is available for download at the bottom of the page. Instead of using a Surveyor Profile/DPLF to determine the risk associated with the dataset, we now assess the issues contained within the CSD which is then classified as routine or complex and processed accordingly.

You may also find that our staff will phone you to sort out issues or questions instead of relying on a time-consuming exchange of written forms.

Continuous Improvement is not a temporary or one-off approach for LINZ Operations. We are constantly seeking better ways of working for, and with, surveyors.

Last Updated: 29 April 2015