On this page you can access approved Cadastral Survey Datasets (CSDs) and download the survey report template, which must accompany all CSDs lodged with LINZ.

Approved CSDs

​Approved CSDs have been reviewed by a LINZ Licenced Cadastral Surveyor. 

View the list of approved CSDs

The index provides a range of surveys that reflect different situations and survey purposes.

Survey report template (v7 - April 2015) – incorporating Standard for Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Datasets

All CSDs lodged with LINZ must be accompanied by a survey report. The survey report should explain the purpose of the survey and how it complies with the standards. 

Ensure you have adequately reported to address all matters required by Rule 8.2. The more information provided the less chance of clarification being sought by requisition.

Please also address pre-validation report warnings and failures in your survey report as required by standard 7 of the Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets – LINZS70000.

Ways to prepare a survey report

There are two ways that a survey report can be prepared:

  • using the Automated Survey Report functionality in Landonline
  • attaching an image in Landonline.

The template guide below (including summary information) may be used by surveyors wishing to customise their own survey reports.

Last Updated: 29 April 2015