The following index is a list of approved CSDs and sample plans that have been reviewed by a LINZ Licenced Cadastral Surveyor and reflect a range of different situations and survey purposes. More CSDs will be added to the spreadsheet as suitable examples become available.

These CSDs have not been selected as examples of best practice but are simply intended to allow surveyors to search to specific CSD types lodged.

View the Index by opening the Excel document at the end of this page. Drop down menus at the top of each column will allow filtering of the spreadsheet to search for specific components of a CSD. To be able to use the drop down menus, you will need to enable editing in Excel (you may get a 'Protected view' bar appear; if so, click on 'Enable editing'). You will be able to filter on:

  • Survey Purpose (eg Monumentation CSD, Easement, Partition, LT Subdivision etc)
  • Territorial Authority
  • Survey Type (ie Survey or Parcels without Survey Information)
  • Parcel Intents (eg Covenant, Easement, Fee Simple,Title, Legalisation etc)
  • Number of New Parcels created (indicator of large/small survey)
  • Water Boundaries
  • Number of Parcels over 20Ha created
  • Class
  • Ground movement
  • Specific legislation (such as Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011)
  • Bearing Adjustments, or
  • Other complications such as uplifting limitations or treaty settlement plans.

e.g. To search for CSDs approved within Central Otago District Council, deselect (Select All) then check Central Otago District.

Note: more then one filter can be used together, such as Legalisation CSDs (Survey Purpose) in Central Otago District (Territorial Authority).