Exception Requests

When you can and can't raise an exception request.

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When should I raise an exception request?

  • An irregular line requires splitting (should only be used when creating a non-primary parcel over a primary parcel that is not subject to survey in this CSD).
  • Where underlying surveys have linked incorrectly (i.e. boundary points to non-boundary point positions and vice versa, and topology is therefore incorrect).
  • Where a large number of place holders (ie more than five) are needed to correct topology issues.
  • Where the state of the underlying data is such that the survey cannot be appropriately linked to two existing nodes. Request that nodes be moved to match the newly created nodes (removes significant distortion when linking).
  • To ensure theboundaries in Landonline are shown correctly in terms of underlying CSDs.
  • To split a large road or hydro parcel to enable easier handling of a balance parcel.

I'm not sure whether to raise an exception request - what should I do?

Call e-survey specialist support on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463).

There are risks associated with exceptions requests. We need to ensure the requests made are appropriate and do not affect the integrity of the cadastre. When making an exception request, please supply sufficient information to explain the reasons you believe the change needs to be made. This is particularly important when proposing changes such as:

  • Any material changes in shape to water / irregular boundaries. Note that updates to the cadastre due to accretion, erosion, avulsion, dried-up water beds and other similar situations need to be made upon deposit, not via exception request.
  • When the shape of a right line boundary has changed, i.e. adding or removing a boundary angle.
  • Where a right line boundary is to be moved to a significantly different place, i.e. more than one metre in an urban area or five metres in a rural area.
  • Where the head title of the property is Limited as to Parcels.
  • Where there are issues with definition of the underlying parcel.

When can’t I lodge an exception request?

  • A geometry error message appears when attempting to access Plan Generation. In this case, please call 0800 665463 first.
  • Parcels are unable to be linked due to an error message indicating multiple line IDs in the underlying topology.
  • If the survey cannot be submitted due to a fatal topology error.
  • Data 'flipping' upon itself during mark linking (hint: try refreshing of spatial window before proceeding).
  • To acquire general capture advice. Please call 0800 665 463 or make an e-request in the first instance.
  • To amend errors or omissions in the cadastre, e.g. parcels created on Diagrams on Transfer not shown.  This should be done using a ‘Survey_Amend Cadastral Data’ e-request in Landonline.
  • To create a residue or balance parcel that is required to be created on a CSD (e.g. Limited Titles).
  • To update boundaries in terms of a new survey fix or better survey fix of a water/irregular boundary in order to include accretion/dried up stream bed or exclude erosion. 
  • When Landonline has extra or missing nodes along a roadside. These will be optional blue nodes that should not be selected during parcel capture.  They will be dealt with on deposit of the plan.
  • Until all fatal errors reported in the Pre-validation Report have been addressed.
  • To make cosmetic changes. The purpose of the exception process is to address significant topology issues to allow CSDs to be submitted for processing.