This page provides information on the implementation of the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.

Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

Part of the Surveyor-General's role is to set standards on how cadastral surveyors must define and describe the boundaries of interests in land. The latest review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey began in 2017 and was completed in May 2021. The review process included consulting with stakeholders, surveyors, the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board, the bodies that represent surveyors and land tenure managers.

The Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021) are available on the New Zealand legislation website:

Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

Unlike previous versions of the rules, we will not be printing and distributing hard copies of the latest version.

Introductory webinars

As part of the new rules being introduced, we will be rolling out a phased programme to support the survey profession through the transition. We will hold introductory webinars to focus on assisting surveyors with changes in the field. A second round of webinars shortly before the go-live date on 30 August 2021 will explain the key changes when preparing a Cadastral Survey Dataset (CSD) and using Landonline.

Register for the initial webinars

Transitional arrangements

There will be a transitional arrangement for surveys commenced under the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (RCS 2010) to avoid rework for surveyors. Surveys commenced prior to 30 August 2021 may continue to be completed in accordance with the RCS 2010 until 25 February 2022.  After that date CSDs can only be certified in terms of the CSR 2021. 

During the transition period, CSDs may be certified and lodged in terms of either the RCS 2010 or CSR 2021.

Where a CSD is certified in terms of RCS 2010 and is requisitioned it may continue to be certified under RCS 2010, provided certification and rework is completed before the end of the transition period.

At the end of the transition period CSDs lodged and certified under RCS 2010, but not yet validated, would continue to be processed under the RCS 2010.  In the small number of cases where a capture requisition is required, surveyors will need to convert the survey to be in accordance with the CSR 2021.  For this reason, it is recommended that surveyors lodge CSDs in terms of RCS 2010 by 29 January 2022.

Transitioning from RCS 2010 to CSR 2021 (PDF 553KB)

Cadastral Survey Guidelines

We are developing new guidance to support surveyors undertaking cadastral surveys and preparing CSDs. The Cadastral Survey Guidelines integrate new guidance on the CSR 2021 with existing material from various sources to create a one-stop-shop of information.

Cadastral Survey Guidelines

The Surveyor-General’s guidelines on the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 will continue to be available in the KnowledgeBase until the end of the transition period.

Surveyor-General's Guidelines (RCS 2010)


Changes to Landonline will be implemented to support the transitional arrangements coming into effect 30 August 2021. Capture of CSDs in Landonline using the CSR 2021 cannot take place until this date. 

More information will become available closer to the August date.

Review consultation process

The consultation process was broken down into three stages:

Diagram showing the three stages of the consultation process. More detail has been provided below
Review consultation process

Stage one: Issues identification (Complete)

July - December 2017 ('Policy' phase)

  • Seek feedback from stakeholders on issues the review may consider, including those outlined in an Issues and Opportunities Paper.

Stage two: Response to issues (Complete)

January 2018 - February 2019 ('Policy' phase)

  • Stakeholder consultation on the Surveyor-General's proposed changes (based on the issues identified).
  • Summary of feedback received for Part 1 and 2.

Stage three: Draft Rules

March 2019 - 2021 ('Technical drafting' phase)

  • Stakeholder consultation on Surveyor-General's draft Cadastral Survey Rules 2020 (Complete)
  • Drafting the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.
Last Updated: 6 May 2021