Improvements to Online Plan Layout functionality, and decommission of Offline Plan Generation functionality

2 September 2013

Current usage of Offline Plan Generation functionality is limited so LINZ have made a strategic decision to remove this functionality so that maintenance resources can be redirected to other areas such as Online Plan Generation.

The intended timeline for decommissioning Offline Plan Generation (OPG) is as follows:

  • October 2013 – Remove ability to download OPG Application from Landonline Website. Current support documentation will remain until OPG is fully decommissioned.
  • Mid 2014 (proposed 3.10 release) – Remove ability to export OPG packages from Landonline and decommission the File Transfer Service. Users will still be able to upload OPG packages direct to Landonline.
  • Late 2014 or early to mid 2015 (i.e. in a subsequent Landonline Release) – Remove ability to import OPG packages into Landonline.

With the proposed decommissioning of Offline Plan Generation, LINZ is making improvements to Online Plan Layout a priority for the next Landonline Release.

When considering which enhancements to progress, we have considered all requests for improvement in this area on the Landonline enhancement Wiki, and some additional feedback from New Zealand Institute of Surveyors branch meetings. These requests were then narrowed down based on a combination of their importance to survey users and what we believed could reasonably be progressed within a release.

Some of the changes under consideration are fully self-contained in the software module provided to us by Onstream Systems, so we hope to release these changes later this year. All remaining items will be included in the release (3.10) currently planned for mid 2014.

The early release will contain up to twenty small changes, some of which allow existing functionality to be accessed more quickly, e.g. from the toolbar, and others that provide better zooming, panning and page edits.

The later release will include some bigger ticket items such as the highly requested ability to modify diagram extents and auto-save functionality.