6 December 2013

LINZ is continuing its work to update coordinates in Landonline that were made inaccurate by the Canterbury and Fiordland earthquakes.

We appreciate that this has been a lengthy process and we are grateful for your patience. Landonline is vital to New Zealand’s property rights system and we are continuing to take the utmost caution in making an update of this scale to ensure there is no risk of disruption to our customers.

For this reason we have needed to postpone the update in the past and, despite the safeguards and steps we have in place, there is always a possibility that this adjustment will not be completed this weekend and that we will need to use an additional weekend to complete it.

We are continuing to pursue this before Christmas as other database updates scheduled for the Christmas holiday period build on the update work. However, we understand that December is a busy time for Landonline users and so if there is a need for a further weekend to complete the update we will not look to do this on 21 December but instead redesign the work and plan for the first quarter of 2014. LINZ will provide advance notice about any further work if necessary.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support team in the first instance.