23 May 2014

A regular update from the LINZ Data Service team

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Take the LDS Customer Survey 

LDS has been running successfully for nearly three years now and we have over 10,000 users, with approximately 100 new users signing up each week!
We’d be really interested to hear your feedback on how LDS could be improved in terms of functionality and the service we provide. This will help us pave the way for future enhancements to the service.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in our survey.

National imagery dataset live on LDS 

National imagery dataset image
If you haven’t already heard, the South Island aerial imagery dataset is now available on the LINZ Data Service (LDS), following the successful release of the North Island imagery in March.
You can view and download a specific area or courier order the complete dataset here. Also, find out how to attribute imagery so that you can freely use, reuse and share the data.

LINZ investigating digitising historic imagery archive

LINZ is also investigating options for scanning the Crown’s historic aerial photo archive of 500,000 images from 1936-2005. While there are no plans as of yet to upload this archive to the data service, we are interested in hearing from potential users of historic imagery.
If you or your organisation already use or would use historic aerial photos, we would like to hear from you. To contribute your knowledge please email Julia Hodge.

New data on its way 

In the coming months we’re planning to release the full Landonline dataset onto LDS. This is currently provided through our legacy Bulk Data Extract (BDE).
Until now, only simplified datasets of LINZ’s property-related datasets are available on LDS and these do not contain all of the data from the BDE service. This release will provide the complete public Landonline dataset on LDS, previously only available via DVD.
What this means for you
You’ll be able to:
  • download the data direct from LDS
  • connect through web services
  • use our courier service
  • utilise our change-set service for updates.
The data will also be updated weekly and served up as LDS layers and tables.
Next steps
We’ll be running a private beta test of the new dataset at the end of May, so if you’re interested in being part of the testing, please email us at linzdataservice@linz.govt.nz.
For more detailed information on data structures and the content within the full Landonline dataset, refer to the Bulk Data Extract overview document (PDF bytes).

LDS snaps up another award 

Award image
Earlier this month at the Geospatial World Awards in Geneva, LINZ received yet another international award, the Geospatial Application Excellence Award in Infrastructure for the LINZ Data Service (LDS).
The Geospatial World Awards - run as part of the Geospatial World Forum 2014 - recognise exemplary innovations and practices in the global geospatial industry.
LDS Manager Jeremy Palmer says it’s great to see the data service receiving this sort of international recognition and a real endorsement of the work that has gone into LDS.
This most recent award is the third received by LDS since its launch in 2011, following on from last year’s success at the IPANZ Public Sector Excellence awards and in 2012 receiving two trans-tasman awards at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

Missed the LDS Update presentation? 

You can watch it here on YouTube. We hope you enjoy the presentation, and if you have any questions about the presentation, feel free to email us.

Subscribe to LDS news feeds 

Stay up-to-date with the latest layer updates within LDS by subscribing to an LDS news feed.
News feeds are an efficient way to be notified of changes to a website – in this case – LDS. And it takes the time and hassle out of having to repeatedly revisit, to check if a layer has been updated.
We’ve put together some simple instructions on how news feeds work, and how you can set one up for yourself.

Layer by layer 

nzgeoid2009 thumbnail
We’ve just released the NZGeoid2009 layer on LDS, available for download as an Esri ASCII grid or GeoTIFF, as well as an ASCII grid or coordinate triplets over several spatial extents.
Refer to New Zealand Quasigeoid 2009 (NZGeoid2009) page on the LINZ website for more detailed information.

Hints and tips 

Search Hint image
For best matching results when searching the ‘Data Table’ tab in LDS, try adding quotation marks to your search term e.g. "search term". Another option is to include the asterix character for wild card matches e.g. search term*. This will very quickly match records starting with your search term.
Also, don’t forget you can give us direct feedback on the quality or currency of the data layers by leaving a message on the comment tab available on each layer.

LDS contacts

Jeremy Palmer | LDS Manager
jpalmer@linz.govt.nz | +64 4 498 3537

Joe Ramsay | LDS Geospatial Developer
jramsay@linz.govt.nz | +64 4 460 2718



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