Spring Series to connect people and open data

23 September 2015

Three free lunchtime sessions being held in October will introduce people to how open data is changing the game, and why it's good for business.

Innovation and excellence in open data will be the theme behind the Spring Series, which is being delivered in partnership by The Open Government Information and Data Programme and policy and regulatory consultancy, Allen and Clarke.

"Our role is to drive the release of open data and information to help grow the economy, strengthen our social and cultural fabric, and sustain our environment. We also release it to encourage business and community involvement in government decision-making," says Rochelle Stewart-Allen, Senior Advisor for the Open Government Data Programme. 

"We've been focussed largely on getting government agencies to open access to their data since the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government was approved by Cabinet in 2011. We're seeing continued growth in the amount of open data being made available, but outside the core user communities, there is a real lack of understanding in how to access and use this data."

"Through the Spring Series, we'll be demonstrating inspiring stories from government, business and wider society where open data has brought inspiration, innovation and collaboration," says Rochelle.

The Spring Sessions are being held at MBIE. The first session is on 1 October, and further sessions will be run on 16 and 27 October.

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