3 May 2016

New Bathy data indexes, Crown land and Canterbury earthquake data, and LINZ data for precision agriculture

Issue 20

It’s full steam ahead this year for the LINZ Data Service and LINZ data teams. A bunch of new data is available now or coming your way soon – bathymetric indexes, Crown land, elevation, aerial imagery, and more.

Data on the deep blue sea

LINZ has a great holding of bathymetric data - data about ocean floor depth– that we’ve been using for many years in the production of our nautical charts.

3D model of LINZ bathymetric data of a section of the Cook Strait
3D model of LINZ bathymetric data of a section of the Cook Strait.

We’ve just published a series of indexes to our data holdings, allowing you to identify and request data you’re interested in. The first indexes we’re releasing are for bathymetric data covering New Zealand waters; one to our publically funded data, and the other to data funded by third-parties. Some of the data dates back to the 1930s. Later in the year we’ll publish indexes to bathymetric data covering the South West Pacific and the Ross Sea.

The popularity of this data will also be used to gauge interest in the direct distribution of gridded bathymetric data through the LINZ Data Service.

Bathymetric Data Indexes

New dataset of Crown land managed by LINZ

We’ve just published the biggest open dataset of Crown land and property in New Zealand. LINZ manages around two million hectares of Crown-owned land and property on behalf of the Crown.

From state coal and railway reserves to Crown-owned Canterbury red zone properties, this dataset of LINZ managed Crown land is now available on LDS. We’re also about to publish an association table enabling you to relate these properties to our parcel network.

LINZ Managed Crown Property datasets

LINZ Managed Crown Property datasets

Roads and address data – final beta version out now

The final BETA release of the new Roads and Address datasets is now available on LDS.

These datasets have been developed with your input and needs in mind. The new address data includes additional information about address history and relationships, meaning you can better understand address change over time.

The new roads data combines the best bits from our topographic and electoral roads data to produce a more accurate and up to date dataset, and makes it easier for you to link our roads to your own or other road datasets. 

Following feedback, the datasets have been revised to improve the readability of the data tables and field names. For more information on the revisions check our data dictionaries.

The most notable change between these and the existing addressing and roads datasets will be to the ‘locality’ field, it will use NZ Fire Services localities data.

Now is the time to start planning for transition to the new data, prior to its release later this year.

Roads and Address Beta datasets

Roads and Address data dictionaries

February 2016 earthquake data

In late February, LINZ released a dataset of coordinates for marks surveyed after the magnitude 5.7 earthquake on Sunday 14 February 2016. Additional data on the movement of geodetic marks is now available on LDS. Further updates will be made from time to time over the next few months to provide a higher density of marks in areas where movements are greatest. The movements identified in this layer do not impact property boundaries.

Canterbury Earthquake (14 Feb 2016) Geodetic Marks dataset

New aerial imagery and elevation data on its way

We’re about to publish a 1m LiDAR derived DEM and DSM for a large portion of the Auckland region. This data was captured by the Auckland Council, and is part of LINZ’s role in the national coordination of LiDAR data to contribute to the development of a national Digital Elevation Model.

Visualisation of current LINZ 8m DEM, derived from 20m Contours

Visualisation of current LINZ 8m DEM, derived from 20m Contours

Visualisation of 1m LiDAR derived DSM, colour-enhanced
Visualisation of 1m LiDAR derived DSM, colour-enhanced

You will also soon be able to download brand new urban aerial imagery for three areas which haven’t had urban imagery (0.1m) before – Wairoa, Northland and Hamilton. We’ll also publish new rural imagery for the Hawkes Bay. This is a re-fly of data last captured in the summer of 2010/11.

Keep an eye out for these new datasets.

Case study: LINZ data for precision agriculture

TracMap, a New Zealand company providing GPS guidance and mapping systems for farmers and contractors, has just integrated the LINZ Aerial Imagery basemap, Topo50 map services and LINZ property boundaries into its TracMap application for even greater positional accuracy for precision agriculture.

“We see this as a significant improvement for our thousands of users, as it means the maps they draw to manage the placement of fertiliser and other farm inputs will be more accurate, and have less chance of error”, says TracMap Founding Director Colin Brown.

“LINZ basemaps don’t have the alignment issues that some other similar services have. This means our customers can have confidence that this investment in farm production is being made exactly where it should be.”

Try the TracMap demo for yourself 

TracMap demo
TracMap demo

The detail is in the dictionary

To support even greater reuse of LINZ data, particularly for more complex purposes, new datasets we publish are often accompanied by Data Dictionaries. These dictionaries describe the meaning of and relationships between related datasets, and their origin and format, so that you can better understand our data and its best fit use.

View our Data Dictionaries