5 July 2016

Issue 129

This month we provide an update about the August Landonline maintenance release; a reminder about scanning and attaching images in Landonline; information about our new vertical datum and coordinate update; and an update about access to Landonline last week.

Landonline maintenance release 3.14

All Landonline users

The next Landonline maintenance release is planned for Monday 8 August.  

Detailed information on the content of the release will be available on our website closer to the time.

For Survey users, Mark Descriptions will now display in the Survey Layout Sheets. These descriptions will be editable like any other text, or hidden if the user does not want to show them. The Automated Survey Report has been enhanced to provide more system answered Yes/No questions. If you have an irregular line captured and you edit that line layer in the Spatial window, you will see two new radio buttons have been added into the CSC_S05 Line Layer screen for indicating whether the line is a ‘Water Boundary’ or ‘Irregular Boundary’. Your selection will be reflected in Question G(f ) or/and G(h) of the Automated Survey Report.

For Titles users, the release will include a validation for Caveats/Notices of Claims that a postal address is prefixed with PO Box. This will assist in reducing the number of requisitions relating to incomplete address details for these instrument types. There is also a new check which will result in any transfer to a body corporate stepping down for staff to check that the circumstances are correct.

So that we can carry out this release, Landonline is unlikely to be available on Saturday 6 August 2016 (further updates will be provided if this date changes).

Normal hours of service will resume on Monday 8 August.

Scanning and attaching images in Landonline

All Landonline users

Image quality is one of the top three titles requisition items. If you are scanning to PDF format, please ensure you scan in black and white. The conversion to Tiff that then occurs in Landonline will be much clearer if the PDF image is black and white. 

Read more about scanning and attaching images

New vertical datum and nationwide coordinate update


We have released a new vertical datum, New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 – a reference system for measuring heights.

Read more about the new vertical datum

In the near future the Surveyor-General will be consulting with surveyors on a change to the current list of official datums in Ruling LINZR65301, with the view of adding NZVD2016 to enable its use in a cadastral survey.

We have also completed an update of almost all Order 0-6 geodetic marks (about 80,000 marks).

Read more about the coordinateupdate

Landonline access last week

All Landonline users

Last Thursday, we had issues with the systems that support our web-based services. While Landonline was unaffected, these issues may have impacted on your ability to access it through our website, and so we shared a direct log in to Landonline. We’re also aware that these issues prevented phone access to our Customer Support team.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are reviewing our IT processes to minimise disruption if similar events re-occur.

Last Updated: 5 July 2016