11 October 2016

Issue 131

This month we inform you about Landonline availability; new rules for Canterbury land surveys; realigning the digital cadastre in Christchurch; updates to release notes for Surveyors; and planned changes to the tax statement.

Landonline unavailable this weekend (Saturday 15 October)

All Landonline users

Landonline will not be available this weekend (Saturday 15 October) so we can carry out a disaster recovery test. The test does not make any changes to Landonline.

This is a test of our ability to switch to a backup server for Landonline in the event of an emergency. While it does mean Landonline will be unavailable for a short time, the test is vital in making sure property transactions could still continue in the event of a natural disaster or large technical failure.

Realigning the digital cadastre in Christchurch


We’ve started a programme to realign the digital cadastre in the Landonline spatial view so that it’s as consistent as possible with the post-earthquake location of property boundaries and more reliable for surveyors.

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, pre- and post-earthquake cadastral survey data does not fit very well together in the areas greatly impacted by the earthquakes.

This realignment programme targets 105 high priority areas that are mostly located in east Christchurch. It is planned to be completed by the end of 2016.

Read more about progress

Changes to the line layer screen in capture


We’ve fixed an issue that emerged in the Line Layer screen after last month’s Landonline release. This had caused problems when selecting a different layer in the CSC_S05 - Line Layer screen.

You can now select the correct Layer from the drop down list when editing boundary lines associated to balance parcels.

The Landonline 3.14 release notes for surveyors have been updated to reflect this change – refer to LOLCM-186.

Changes planned to Tax Statement


We’re working on changes to the Land Transfer Tax statement to help make it clearer for you and your client.

We’re working on these with help from Statistics New Zealand and in consultation with the NZ Law Society. The changes will provide further guidance and break up complex questions to avoid confusion. An update will also need to be made to Landonline to support this.

Changes are planned for early December, and there will be a transition period where both old and new forms will be accepted.